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I do not know when it will be, a time again that I can go back to those days.

I know not how, or when or why it happened, but it did, and now here I am.




I cannot define this, sensations I now behold. It’s… Deep, dark, blackness all around me.
That is all.

I suppose I must be… Oh what is it that your people call it…


Is that the word?

Or perhaps, if you’d be so kind as to listen to this philosophy, I am the one who sees, and everyone is ‘blind’. Perhaps this darkness is the truth. This horrendous gloom all around, is what is truly meanT to be seen.

I am the seeing one.

You are all being pummeled with the blasphemy, not I. I know it.

I am not blind. This is not a sense taken away from me, rather a gift I’d just received.

Dare I say, the wrapping isn’t too fancy. Not too ruffled, not to skimpy, for lack of a better word.

For I am not blind you see. Oh no, no the pun is not part of a bitter ironic sense of humor that I’d decided upon whim to create as I speak to you. Oh my, it is all part of the insidious planning my dear. All part and parcel of the plan. Soon it will come to pass, the objective of the creator onto her creation.


Yes, I did say her.

What? You thought the creator was an almighty Him?

My, my… You truly are the blind one. For it is quite clear, what’s going to happen soon enough.

This grey orbs you are looking at as you listen to me? A mere disturbance in what you perceive to be truth of my frame.

These grey hairs, scraggly and wrinkly skin you also must be observing from that distance in which you stand? All lies that your brain has been washed into believing that is my given form.

Oh no, no dear.

You must remember… You are the one who is blind.

Did you really think, that all you see, is, all you see?

Did you really believe in your sight?

Trust in it perhaps?

Ah… How long have you in blindness been?

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