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She called for help. But no answer came. She reached for her phone, even knowing that she was out of range and that the battery was almost dead. So close, yet so far.
Would anyone find her here? What would be left? She heard water in the distance.

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The affairs of a person are best kept secret. You shouldn’t pay attention to what they neighbour is doing in their kitchen or the guests that they have, regardless of whether you can see through the windows. Oh, but when those guests are large men in suits, you can’t help wondering what’s going on.

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I don’t really know what to type about ‘zone’. Um… loading zones? I really don’t like loading zones. You can only run your car there for a few minutes, at most. And you can’t part. They’re a pain. Of course, they are there for a reason; I understand that. But, that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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She didn’t know what to do. Looking at all the forms before her, each filled with figures and numbers, she had no idea which to choose. They all promised the same thing, yet none of the banks before her promised what she really wanted; a safe place for her money.

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She raised her hand. As she hoped, the teacher called on her. Everyone looked at her as she smiled and spoke a single name.
The name of the girl sitting behind her.
“Congratulations,” the teacher said with cheer, unaware of what had transpired, “you’ve been nominated as class captain!”

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She needed an alibi. They would be here soon. Family was out. Friends, well, there weren’t any. She could run. That might work. She was shoving shirt after shirt into her bag, as much as she would need. Maybe she could do a trick? Maybe… with a pen in hand and the window next to her open, she loaded an internet search.

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Sword in hand, he stood in the arena. The roar of the crowds filled his ears. And so it should. He was the best. His sword had sliced more enemies than any other. It was soaked in blood and stains that never came out.

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They scorned her. They didn’t talk to her, but pointed and laughed as she walked by. They messed with her things and said nonsensical things to her when she found out. She didn’t spend any time with them because they ignored her.

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Wow. How do you even put this word into the text? A little ‘e’ with an apostrophe? It’s hard enough to time in a minute without worrying about fancy bits. Um… that’s all.

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It was just about the wiggling of the hips. Too much and everyone notices. Too little and no one notices. It takes a good balance between the two. Enough so that one person notices.

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The soil was placed in the hole. With the small seed-like objects that were thrown in, it was certain to nourish the small bush. It was a sweet-scented bush and it’s flowers, when they bloomed, were known to be some of the most colourful.

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Undone by a puddle. A few drops of water spashed on the ground. Who could of thought that such a thing could ruin a dress. Not just any dress either. THE Dress. The dress for her cousin’s wedding. The dress that she had to wear, now ruined.

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Ah, pins. My secret shame. I keep so many hidden in my drawers, like secret treasures, just for me. All for me. And me only.
No one touches the pins of mine.

» Posted By Quinis On 04.09.2012 @ 11:09 pm

I don’t know much about pins. Just that this wasn’t just a pin. Golden paint which was flaking off told me as much. There was a piece of paper stuck inside it which I pulled out. There was nothing on it.
That was strange.
Why would anyone go to the trouble of hiding a piece of paper with nothing written on it.

» Posted By Quinis On 04.09.2012 @ 7:31 pm

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