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“I can’t find it,” Gramma says.

“It’s under your chair.”

“You think I can still bend that way?”

Gramma’s dry chuckle is still kinda creepy. The wire in her hands jiggles as she laughs at a private joke I don’t understand. I want to tell her what Mamma said which is that inside jokes are rude but I’m too scared.

“I’ll do it,” I say, and I take the wire from her hand and plug it into the outlet under her chair.

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Infinity exploded before his eyes as he saw the endless possibilities that lay before him. He chose none. He decided to waste himself. He became a rotting apple he let himself rot and became endlessly unfulfilled.

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hawk, the hawk. i have never seen one in my life. i swear. i don’t think i even know what it look likes. am i weird because of that??? :| hm. i don’t think i am. so, there.

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She held the rainwater in her cupped hands, and then slowly poured it out over the sandy grave. “Rest in peace, Mother,” she whispered.

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Globes have always meant a lot to me. A small world sitting on my desk. All I ever had to do was walk over and touch it, and a part of me would be in Spain, France, Italy or whatever.

That’s why I became a collector of globes. They’re all over my house. There’s a pattern across them though.

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