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He was weak, he thought, taking out the first glass shard from his arm, vulnerable (another shard), utterly pathetic (a bigger shard), a disgrace (oh, God, that one really hurt). He had no way to fix his flaw, but he could learn to compensate. He also had to pay for that damned window.

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It was standing right there, staring intently at her with those terrifying eyes. The crushing wind ruffled its feathers, but its talons had a firm grip on the ground. Nothing was going to make it move, it seemed. Nevertheless, as she kept climbing, she wondered how easy it would have been for that creature to claw her out of her hold on that tiny, shy stone and keep watching as she fell. She moved on, with her noble spectator never losing sight of her ascent.

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She held a weapon in her hands, a tool of enormous power and something she could not get rid of on a whim. She covered her mouth with her hand, her features folded in deep concern.
She was being posed a simple question: demonstrate what it can do. Demonstrate what you can do and for whom. She raised her head. There was no correct answer.

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His hands flew seamlessly over the keys, then stopped to fall on a low note. The chords echoed, pleased by that caress. There was no sheet in front of him, he played with no restraint. Each movement was engraved in his soul, like the memory of an old friend. His fingers were masters on that playground, yet aware of every scratch and cramp, callused by years of familiarizing with that enormous black monster. He was having fun.

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He closed his eyes, hopelessly. He knew this time would have made no difference. A gust of cold wind hit him and froze his nose, but he had to move on. As he kept walking, he could hear the pebbles under his feet, the faint clatter an untuned orchestra in his head. He had to disappear, and yet barely breathing felt like an alarm had just went off. He had to disappear, and he hoped those he was seeking could teach him how.

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The waters fell. She gasped, scouring the darkness of the depths, helplessly floating in the absence that surrounded her. The deafening grumble of the sea was crushing her eardrums, but at the same time it was lulling her towards the end, gentle as a mother’s caress. She closed her eyes.
Her senses spiraled at once and her consciousness rebelled.
The surface was lost.

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He checked his left shoe.
The derby! Not even losing the entire leg could have kept him away from that deceptively green grass, he thought.
Then he heard the referee’s whistle, and the stadium detonated.

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Erano tutti orfani di qualcosa, lì. Di madre, di memorie, di identità, di sentimenti. Eppure quella singolare mancanza in ognuno di loro non era impedimento, nè ostacolo: era linfa vitale, denominatore comune di quell’accozzaglia sgangherata di anime. L’assenza tramutata in occasione.

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The sky was beautiful, that night. Starlit, for once, with colours Philip had never seen before. Not that he had ever paid attention to whatever was above him. Not until then.
He sighed at himself and turned his gaze back to Earth. The shop was a few more steps ahead and, luckily, still open.
The bells hanging by the door rang as he entered, breaking the quiet atmosphere of the place. Philip sought the nearest clerk.
“I need all the golden glitter you have,” he demanded.

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