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A simple word, shepherd, though many forget the connotation. A shepherd is known to his flock, of him they are not afraid: the sheep trust their master and follow him where’re he may go. Be a shepherd, it doesn’t have to be sheep that you prize.

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The morning was dull and the rays from the new sun dimly lit the prospector tent. She laid awake some time after her mimbra iPhone alarm expired before hurriedly dressing and stepping through the canvas opening. Fresh beautiful snow had covered the grasses and brush surrounding the camp. She longed to stay and enjoy this beauty but the rest of the working crew wouldn’t understand breakfast being set back for the sake of this simple, beautiful, snow.

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prosperity at it’s best, coming from good works for God himself and not for man and flesh in your being. being such comes from cultivation of life, love, and joy. can it be measured? Yes, as each man judges his comrade whether or not he is in fact prosperous.

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