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A globe is like a taunt. A spherical goad that rests within the safety of home. It sits in the office, showing you all that you COULD see and reminding you of all that you currently can. It’s a call, one that begs you to leave and SEE. To open your eyes and mind and discover what that blue and green paper IS.

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CRACK! Again, he could feel his knees go weak and his eyes blur with pain. This strike had landed square between his shoulderblades. “AGAIN!” The sensei yelled. With a sigh, he moved back into the right stance.

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It was something he should’ve owned. But he rented. He could feel the temporality of the thing. Instead of it being his and remaining so, he had no control. It was rented. A home is a hard thing to hold on to. But even more so if it’s not even yours, if it’s RENTED.

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He popped it into his mouth, clearly unaware of what it was. Then again, most two-year-olds had no idea what they were putting in their mouths. His eyes squinted up as his expression showed first surprise, then uncertainty, then horror. As he attempted to spit it out, he began to yell.

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There is the here and now. The then and gone. And there is the beyond. Often we see it as something we can change and something we can effect. Something that is looked forward to or dreaded. But really, beyond is just the thing we don’t understand yet. Always a bit too complex for our current selves. Out of reach.

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Weaving. Bobbing and weaving. His face dripping, no, POURING sweat. He’d been watching and waiting for what seemed like hours. He knew he was running out of time to take his shot. His opponent had grown weary and his defenses were becoming swiftly slower. He decided it was time. His fist flew forward, his fingers connecting solidly. BAM!

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Life is a mess sometimes. And sometimes we just need to remember that we are primal creatures. We have instincts and we need to trust them. We repress them always, but in all honesty they are what pulls us through some of the toughest times. Release your tribal, primitive self.

» Posted By Preceptor On 12.07.2014 @ 1:03 pm

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