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I hate to have to threaten people but the woman in the front of the line at Starbucks was taking way too long to make a decision. I hadn’t had my coffee yet and after 11 minutes and 27 seconds of her asking inane questions about their coffee I had had enough. As quietly as I could, I walked up behind her and said, right in her ear, “If you don’t choose something in the next three seconds I will murder you.” It was only when everyone in the place grew very quiet that I realized I had actually shouted this…

» Posted By Platinu On 07.23.2015 @ 9:11 am


I had to hurry and finish the video. Editing the timeline was the most difficult part because there was so much going on there. I wrestled with it for 2 hours and decided to just call it done after I found out from my cubicle neighbor that Applebees was having half priced beer.

» Posted By Platinu On 07.19.2015 @ 8:00 pm


John ran to class, late as usual. It was the one class he had trouble getting to because it was on the other side of the school from the class prior to it, which was English. The teacher just thought he hated algebra and he couldn’t seem to get him to understand, using maps or not, that it wasn’t him, it was the distance! Maybe if he could figure out an algebraic formula for ‘distance’ and plug that in on the board in front of his teacher, maybe then he’d understand!

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I ran down the street, eyes burning because I forgot my sunglasses. In the heat of the Phoenix sun that was more than a sin, it was often a horrible mistake that ended in an accident. But finally I made it to my office and, digging near-blind into my desk drawer I found the eye drops that I had been yearning for during the last twenty minutes of my eye-searing, burning run; they were like finding an oasis in the desert!

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I didn’t really feel like it but I went to my sister’s play. I sat there, waiting and watching with the other people who obviously didn’t want to be here. I wondered who they had backstage that had dragged them to what would no doubt be a complete drag. Seriously, even the guys in the play were dressed as girls; there were to be no ‘men’ characters at all.

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The heavyset man sat in his tree and scanned the jungle with his eyes. The enemy was here, he could sense it. Silent as death, he shinnied down the tree, oh so carefully, and started slithering through the trees, looking for his enemy. With a wet ‘splat!’ and a startling impact, he felt himself knocked out of the game of paintball and knew his son was getting much better than he was at the sport he loved.

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The elevator doors began to close as Karl ran into the lobby of the Bisteen building where he worked. He sprinted but still the doors closed way before he reached them. Standing there, waiting for the next one, he hoped he was ready for the meeting. But in the reflection of the shiny, closed elevator doors he saw his mismatched socks and new that his career as a shoe model was over.

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As Logan went into his study to do some studying, he studiously ignored the strange man sitting on his desk. He’d seen the man before. The man obviously thought he was some sort of stud. Logan had no time for that man’s foolishness. He was conducting a study on studious things and that was due the very next day. He just hoped that he could pull it off and win over everyone with what he produced.

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He looked down the sidewalk and flexed his perfectly toned calf muscles. Readying himself mentally, he hopped onto his skateboard and let gravity do its thing. Starting off slowly, soon he was doing fast enough that the world blurred! Soon he saw the ramp. It was just as he had set it up. And then, he was airborne! And then he saw the sky, and then the ground, repeatedly, and then the ground and he met with a vicious cracking sound…

» Posted By Platinu On 07.07.2015 @ 8:30 am

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