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The room was red and dark, and smelled of wine, cigar and cheap perfume. My head was spinning. My throat was dry.
‘What am I doing here?’ said I?

» Posted By Pierre On 10.21.2017 @ 1:13 am

The lights were flickering as I advanced in the hall. The butler opened a door and stepped aside. I paused for a second, then went through.
The lodge was dark, small and smelled of cologne. It was empty.

» Posted By Pierre On 10.20.2017 @ 3:41 pm


It was this time of year again. When the weather turns cold and the feast are closing in and there is so much to do. Call on friends, see what their plans are, buy food and gifts and travels… it feels like the days are too short and too few and nobody really knows what’s going on. But whatever: everybody has to be happy.

» Posted By Pierre On 10.29.2017 @ 1:28 am


I screamed and let go of the handle. The suitcase fell to the ground with a crack. I looked at my hand in disbelief : a reddish burn spread across my palm, as the pain throbbed through my arm.

» Posted By Pierre On 10.27.2017 @ 10:09 am


I slept well that night. Was it the drug? Was it the unusual warmth of Bassie’s basement? Or was it the unusual feeling of safety provided by four sturdy brick walls and a iron-strapped door?

» Posted By Pierre On 10.24.2017 @ 6:18 am


A single note kept on, fighting off the silence for what seemed an eternity. Not a breath, not a word, not a scrap of shoes… only that one note, clear and strong and ringing like a silver bell. That one note… and all of us, quiet.

» Posted By Pierre On 10.22.2017 @ 10:13 am


This was an odd choice for a font. I would have expected something, sober, professional. Maybe a bit of an hard edge, some classic panache. But not this.
I pressed the button of the intercom. “Dan! Get your ass in my office! Now!”

» Posted By Pierre On 10.17.2017 @ 3:25 pm


The glass hit the floor as the door closed. I stayed there, unsure of what to say, unsure of what to do. Should I go after her ? Should I leave her be? Was there anything in my power to makes things right? Did I even want to?

» Posted By Pierre On 10.14.2017 @ 4:18 pm


The intricacy of the editor felt like a web. A maze, a path of icons and lights that some twisted mind designed as a spiral of interactions leading nowhere.

» Posted By Pierre On 10.10.2017 @ 12:59 pm


I raised my glass and invited him to join me. He made it through the crowd and joined me by the window. ‘Enjoying the party?’ I asked. ‘What are you doing here?’ he said in a soft, cold tone.

» Posted By Pierre On 10.03.2017 @ 11:58 pm


The strong taste of rum hit me like a bricK; How much sugar and how much water did Paul actually put in that glass? Tyhe drink sent me staggering through the crowded room just to fall on the nearest couch. It was already taken: I fell on Jessy’s tender lap.

» Posted By Pierre On 09.28.2017 @ 9:03 am


The old hero had seen better days. His gun was dangling in its worn out holster, spattered in rust. His last horse died out the week before, after a drought that lasted too long. There wasn’t much fire left in that warrior from an ancient time: only his eyes, still hard as a pair of steel bullets, following me as I walked to him.

» Posted By Pierre On 09.26.2017 @ 1:27 am


I was confused. Surprised. Flabbergasted even, by this sudden turn of events. I didn’t expect things to happen like this. I just had time to say one word, and it was already gone… Life sucks.

» Posted By Pierre On 09.02.2017 @ 2:14 pm


The heat had left nothing untouched. The cement that holds the place was cracking. Broken glass was simmering on the ground and a smell of hot metal filled the air. As I walked across this hell, I couldn’t help but fill sick at the thought of what it used to be.

» Posted By Pierre On 08.03.2017 @ 12:07 am


Live was a concert of noise and strife before I met you. When I was tired and parched, you gave me fresh water and some place to rest. When the sun came up, I was feeling at peace… for once.

» Posted By Pierre On 08.02.2017 @ 7:31 am


There are all kinds of monsters. Strange ones, ugly ones, cruel ones, cute ones. And the worst of all: inside ones. I carry one within me. It talks to me at night, when I’m alone and sad and afraid. Sometimes, it even looks back at me in the mirror.

» Posted By Pierre On 07.31.2017 @ 2:36 am


The night was clear and quiet. I sat there, looking at the glittering cloth of the sky, and then it struck me : I wasn’t alone. Out there, lost in the universe, there must be someone else.
I can’t be the only one left…

» Posted By Pierre On 07.30.2017 @ 1:25 am


incense can smell good sometimes. Sometimes incense smells terrible. When I think of incense I think of a ninja dojo.

» Posted By Pierre On 01.08.2016 @ 5:25 am


Obama Vs. Romney …..

» Posted By Pierre On 09.30.2012 @ 5:11 pm


Keeping things from other people . Not revealing confidentiality. Trust. Deceipt. New innovations. Good story. Lack of trust paranoia.

» Posted By Pierre On 08.03.2012 @ 11:25 am


My grandmother’s estate was a grand old place. Lush grounds, lots of antiques. Of course, inheritance was an ongoing and difficult issue to deal with. Especially with so many cut-throat relatives all aching for the woman to die so they could get their greedy hands on her money. They could never manage to do so, however, and with good reason.

You see, my grandmother was no ordinary person. A Nobel laureate, philosopher, photographer and geneticist, she was both inspiring and learned.

» Posted By Pierre On 01.01.2012 @ 1:50 am


Sometimes it’s just to plain and simple. Don’t worry about it if you didn’t find it on the first try because it’s not always like that.

» Posted By Pierre On 12.25.2010 @ 5:57 pm


The place where you gather to make peace with yourself. It is safe and secure you feel like home in it.

It is simple yet strong makes you think of yourself.

» Posted By Pierre On 12.24.2010 @ 1:59 pm


soft and silky smooth. hmmmmm. purple and red and make women look beautiful when they wear it right…

» Posted By Pierre On 06.25.2010 @ 10:41 pm


sometimes sunny, generally thought of as sunny, but every beach I’ve ever been living by rains like a motherfucker. I’m not sure why. I like rainy beaches. They mean summer, but then they’re raining and you think to yourself, “well this is funny” and let the fucking rain in for once because you can. because you don’t care. the beach without rain means it’ll be crowded and full of annoying skinny people and whiny children and creepy parents. so fuck that.

» Posted By Pierre On 06.24.2010 @ 9:56 am


waltzing matilda (aka the shittest song ever written) or a dance. done by olden folk. we could waltz and let it bring us together. or something.

» Posted By Pierre On 06.20.2010 @ 10:25 pm


You play along a role, an emotion, fake something towards others to convince, persuade, etc… Pretending often reflates a true feeling, opinion, fact that actually happened but we go as if it never happened.

» Posted By Pierre On 05.04.2009 @ 11:04 am


I wash me ever day with shampoo

» Posted By Pierre On 03.27.2009 @ 3:00 am


path leads to great places, the path to glory is what we all seek yet we can get lost. why should i write about path? no idea, i was about to go to bed actually…

» Posted By pierre On 10.23.2008 @ 5:00 pm

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