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I thought I knew somebody once. I was shopping in the street market in a north London borough. It was a wet day and the people bustled by, jostling me with their bags of vegetables and flicking drops of rain from their umbrellas. I caught sight of a man who was buying some grapes at a stall. There was something about the way he stood and his manner that felt familiar. I paused and started looking for clues. He glanced in my direction and didn’t pause. I wondered if it was someone from my neighbourhood or someone I shared the morning commute with, I stood irresolute wondering whether o approach him. Excuse me, but you look familiar. We would begin the possibilities and he might politely humor me, but was there any point? Would it be a wasted conversation. And then what? A chance to perhaps catch up and reminessce about bygone days? He paid and moved on. I watched his retreating back and let him go.

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We all face trials at some point in our lives. What makes them most difficult to handle is that not everybody recognises how difficult your personal trials can be. Inner strength and confidence in your beliefs is all that it takes to overcome them.

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Hi Robot
What are you up to? What you do, whya re you here, thought Madge. I’ve never seen a robot before; I hope he’s useful and that I will be able to be friends with him.

Madge thought carefully. “I wonder if anyone else knows about him. Should I keep him a secret?

She walked on down the street

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He looked at the plate. The jelly moved, wobbling in the slight breeze of the picnic area. Huh. It was like some sort of sea creature. A jelly fish, in fact. Of course. He wasn’t the most creative of souls. He could not think of analogies beyond the obvious. But his mind was simple and beautiful and loving.

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Jelly – like she made her way down the the waves and plunged in, smooth and glistening.

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