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“I’m not a monster, am I?”

“Objection, leading question…”

“Oh, well, I see your point. Let me rephrase. Am I a monster?”

“Better, but now you have to be more specific. For what?”

» Posted By Percy On 01.28.2016 @ 7:01 am


Instantly, I fell into insanity, without remorse or guide. It was as if a light switch flipped under my fingers, breaking with the sound of bone. I cracked my own skull and felt no pain, just release, relief as I seeped out around the break.

» Posted By Percy On 01.05.2016 @ 9:22 pm


Shall I set the scene for you? Enter a scene? Exit? The night was…bright, cheerful with bugs sawing on their two-legged mandolins. The moon and stars unobscured by clouds. Verging on full, the moon beamed from its place of almost-man, almost-woman facedness. The dark side may never show its face, but maybe it’s happier there, like someone who prefers to support the main players rather than get all the spotlight themselves.

» Posted By Percy On 09.15.2015 @ 7:05 am


The roads were icy, necessitating a slow down. It wasn’t pleasant to feel your car slip on the roads that you’re used to being so secure on. But eventually you adapt, drifting with the corners, not reacting in instinctive panic when you go a bit further than you anticipated.

» Posted By Percy On 09.05.2015 @ 8:25 am


I’m running on fumes, as the saying goes. I’m not sure where it comes from, as electric cars don’t give off fumes, or need them? And I certainly don’t inhale any meds. But the saying stands. I wish I had better news to give, but I’m running on fumes. The last of my energy is always now, this time.

» Posted By Percy On 08.23.2015 @ 7:08 pm


Stall for time, I think. They need just a few seconds more-

“Why governor, I never knew that you were more handsome in person. The vid lies to us.”

My purr seemed to throw the man off balance, exactly what I’d hoped.

“Erm, well.”

» Posted By Percy On 08.22.2015 @ 7:26 am


The fortress was white with frost, iced through and through. I looked up at it and couldn’t repress a shiver of hope and fear intermingled. Would this be my saving or my death? Suffering or ultimate creation? Perhaps I was pinning too much on a building. But it was the epitome of the inhabitants. The image all saw when thinking of them. How could I not associate the two?

» Posted By Percy On 08.19.2015 @ 8:07 am


My undoing is not the same as my death. The unravelling of my life is a careful affair. A plucking of strands similar to dewiring a bomb. I poke gently into my psyche and see what muscles twitch.

» Posted By Percy On 08.17.2015 @ 8:14 am

Undoing, she is my undoing. I don’t know how or when except tomorrow, the future. I feel it in my bones, my blood pumping faster as she is near. I want to destroy her, eat her a bite at a time, take her into myself. Maybe that’s it. She’s the reason I snap and become a cannibal at long last. Or is it something else?

» Posted By Percy On 08.16.2015 @ 7:10 pm


“Stop that right now!” She snapped.

The scuffling motion and high grunts ceased, bodies frozen as they registered the displeasure of the one in charge. Twin pairs of brown eyes looked up, assessing.

» Posted By Percy On 08.15.2015 @ 8:47 am


He ran, the object hidden in a clenched hand, quickly transferred to a pocket deep inside his clothes. It was night, and the owls hooted, the mood streaming through the trees, as he panted, each footstep far louder than he thought it should be. It was cool but he was still sweating with fear.

» Posted By Percy On 08.10.2015 @ 8:13 am


romantic is not a word i would use to describe you. its not a word i would use to describe me either, so i think we’re okay. just dont remind me how i much i wish we were different.

» Posted By percy On 09.30.2011 @ 4:14 pm

romance is a broken record. you are a broken record. i think that’s why romance is ruined for me now. im sick of you talking about it. what more could you have to hope for? what more do i have to believe in? not romance at least.

» Posted By percy On 09.30.2011 @ 4:07 pm


Shattered. Dried out, and brittle, because I squeezed the trust out of my heart and gave it to you.

» Posted By Percy On 03.30.2011 @ 10:01 pm


I dropped an egg, and it cracked. It didn’t shatter, or fall apart. It simply cracked, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot fix it.

» Posted By Percy On 01.28.2011 @ 2:21 pm


“The possibilities are endless on a simple worn-out stage.” That is what that space is. Even with four walls, a loft, a deck, a theatre is infinite. The circle of the ghost-light, after all the works have been killed, may only illuminate a small circle, but the light it sheds is truly endless.

» Posted By Percy On 01.21.2011 @ 11:00 am


There are different versions of me than the one you have seen. I am always trying to be ‘new and improved’, but the truth is… the first edition was the best one.

» Posted By Percy On 01.15.2011 @ 7:20 pm


Spread down my cheeks
And color my life
There are blotches
From the laughter
Of course
The moments that my whole face turned red,
and then purple,
Because I simply couldn’t breathe
But more prominent
Right now
Are the colors
That my face turns
When I cry
And my nose puffs up,
And even though I’m missing you,
I’m glad you’re not here to see me.

» Posted By Percy On 01.11.2011 @ 10:15 pm


Ragged clothes, ragged heart. The two don’t necessarily go together. In fact, they often don’t. The edges of a net, the edges of a hole, the edges of a break. All these things are ragged. And very few of them are reparable.

» Posted By Percy On 01.10.2011 @ 1:07 pm


Support me when I’m ready to fall. I will do everything I can to stand on my own, to walk the tight-rope without your help. But when I start to wobble, when I cannot balance my own life as well as everyone else’s, be there for me. All I need is a hand on the shoulder, someone to gently push me back straight up to where I need to be. And if you will support me, I swear I will carry you.

» Posted By Percy On 01.09.2011 @ 2:53 pm


perfectly balanced a counterweight system. there is no flaw, no imperfection. grace. beauty. being en pointe. smooth, simple, measurable, but only by the heart. There is no right or wrong, there is simply flawed or not. No ink blots, just smooth lines, and crisp definition.

» Posted By Percy On 01.07.2011 @ 7:44 pm


I’ve always wanted a dog that I could fit in a purse. Except then maybe I’d feel bad because the dog would like suffocate and stuff. But I mean if he didn’t then it would be cute! So yay purse dogs!!!!The end.

» Posted By Percy On 04.02.2009 @ 11:39 am

I’ve always wanted a dog that I could fit in a purse. Except then maybe I’d feel bad because the dog would like suffocate and stuff. But I mean if he didn’t then it would be cute! So yay purse dogs!!!!The end.

» Posted By Percy On 04.02.2009 @ 11:35 am


i like my toast nice and crunchy, with butter
not black toast
my butter from kerry gold with orange juice.
hate marmalade

» Posted By percy On 12.19.2008 @ 10:59 am


While we were sitting in the grass, I noticed the littlest blue jay perched on the branchs a few yards away. The cute little thing had a perfect white stripe down the center of its back. Also, the chair I was sitting in was very uncomfortable.

» Posted By Percy On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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