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The action was consequential to the Great Family of Lawrence. Upon arriving at the inn, an unexpected visitor came looking for the Lady of the Bridgette Creek. It was registered upon the face of the many the shock that came, upon seeing the sleek weapon on the hand of the visitor, whose face was covered with a black clothe, identifying the person as an assassin from the Duxe Shop.

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The market square had been different than before. With more goods and wares that he had ever seen, Jonas is astounded as to the size and breadth of this market. Unlike before, where the markets are lowly and downright decrepit, this one is beaming with cheerfulness and life. Merchants selling their goods with a smile, buyers scrutinizing the goods, engaging barter with the sellers, it’s such an spectacular sight. A sight one would not expect from a country who had just seen war.

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Imbalance happens when we get too much or too little of something. It is up to the person to keep all the elements and factors in the average. If one will become excessive or become a miser, he will suffer a lower quality of life. Only through moderation can one truly live.

However, imbalance is not always bad. If one understood the repercussion of one’s choices, then being imbalanced is a good thing.

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And so now, gaining back my sanity, I did the most logical thing I could. I began to rebuild. I began to find what are my interests.

I need to be obsessed with growth and development.

I need to make myself valuable.

I need to bring out my voice to this world.

I’ve consumed enough time in recovering from my anxiety and depression. I hope to get back up. I believe there’s a world and a bunch of people out there whom I can convince of my value and usefulness.

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He’s doing his best to lift himself up. Three more, two more.. “eugh” said Jonas. After trying to do 10 pull-ups, he’d been unable to finish his set, a set which was merely half of how he used to do in college.

“I’ve fallen this low” said the unemployed lad. How can I let myself depreciate this far?

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he’s stuck. almost rotting in place. he seem to be unable to move forward. I wonder what’s holding him down in that place. in that ugly disgusting swamp filled with snakes and mosquitos, why is he not moving? why is he staying? maybe because it’s his reality’s best version. maybe because he don’t know what other places look like. I wonder if this man gets to know what it’s like out there in the fields, will he still stay?

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it’s scary. at first. to go without the signs. but the moment you get used to the environment, you start to be more comfortable without them. but as time pass, you know you’re forgetting something. Something important, and once this dread comes. They’ll come back and you’ll realize you’ve been living your whole life as a lie.

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he misses him. the way he smelled. though he still smelled of sweat. the man who lifted him up like a baby, pinned him to the wall and kissed him very hard. too bad they’re both man. it cannot be. it’s an abomintaion to the Lord. and yet he finds himself wanting. and he’s in despair. he doesn’t know what to do anymore. he knows…

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He lifted him up like a boy who’s still sucking on his thumb. It was unexpected. They were the same height and he was able to lift him as if he was weightless. He lifted him and they kissed. And it was from that moment on that Aaron’s life became fucked up. It started to revolve around Jason and everything went to shumbles. He’s dead for him.

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The vase came crashing down as she screams his name. “Get out of my life!” An all too familiar scene for the girl who had been passed and passed by boys in her high school. She knows what they’re up to and she can’t change

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