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I think teeth are wonderful and amazing. I like to brush my teeth and use mouthwash to make them look pretty.But they are really expensive if you get them “professionally” done.

» Posted By Peighton On 03.22.2019 @ 9:56 am


I invest in the Dark Phoenix movie trailer. I love the trailer and the comic back story and Sophie Turner. I love dark and battle movies.

» Posted By Peighton On 03.12.2019 @ 9:14 am

I like to invest in money and MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). I think investing time of a bunch of things really helps you decide what you like and/or what you could end up doing when your older.

» Posted By Peighton On 03.12.2019 @ 9:12 am


I sway when im listening to music cause i can’t really dance. Some people Ive grown up with also sway cause they cant dance. Swaying is actually more some of the time.

» Posted By Peighton On 03.07.2019 @ 9:23 am


I like jumping cause its great exercise and keeps you on your feet. I really only use jumping for exercise cause it keeps me fit.

» Posted By Peighton On 03.05.2019 @ 8:38 am


Dryers are very efficient tools for hair, but can also be devastating to hair as well.Your hair can dry and look beautiful or your can dry and look horrible.

» Posted By Peighton On 02.28.2019 @ 8:43 am

I love the dryer! Its my favorite part of washing clothes, hearing the booming sound actually helps me relax.

» Posted By Peighton On 02.27.2019 @ 3:08 pm


I pray to God that i don’t every have to go in a paramedic ever!!! I dont think that came out right. But all well my timer is about to end anyway. There it goes!

» Posted By Peighton On 02.26.2019 @ 8:45 am


I like plates. I think they are cool and great for food. I give the highest regard to whoever made them they are great. I think that paper towels are good too though.

» Posted By Peighton On 02.13.2019 @ 9:01 am


I like being fourteen has it’s benefits. Im not ready to drive but I can start learning. Im not ready for boyfriends but thats coming up soon.

» Posted By Peighton On 02.08.2019 @ 12:34 pm


Weddings are a time of happiness and love but most people these days make it stressful. Its all about the money, food, guests, and dresses and tuxes.

» Posted By Peighton On 02.07.2019 @ 1:34 pm

I love weddings! I love the white and happiness there and all the people dancing and stuff. I like the dresses more than anything though. Being a fashionista, Im always looking at the clothes.

» Posted By Peighton On 02.06.2019 @ 9:30 am


Im helpless when it comes to changing a car tire. I rather fix a meal in the kitchen than a tire.I find that much easier.

» Posted By Peighton On 02.05.2019 @ 8:11 am


I love Spotify Premium! I can listen to all my favorite songs at once without having to hear those stupid ads. Music is amazing and Premium makes it even better.

» Posted By Peighton On 02.01.2019 @ 12:30 pm


I enjoy the cinema.I believe its a great way to spend time with your family extended or friends. I love going with family more cause its usually ends with us talking about it for the rest of the day which is fun.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.31.2019 @ 9:53 am

I love going to the same cinema! I love watching all these amazing movies on the big screen.
Sharing those really precious moments with family even if its just us watching a movie.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.30.2019 @ 1:04 pm


My dad is a photographer. I want to start photography once I get into high school which is this year. I believe it will be a fun and lovely experience.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.29.2019 @ 9:45 am


I love playing video games! They are a great pastime. My favorite game is Hello Neighbor and love holding the controller and trying to creep into his house and screaming when he catches me.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.25.2019 @ 8:35 am


Mia wants to play her cello in the Student Talent Show but she is too scared to try. Her parents say she’ll do great and if she gets stage fright then she should breathe in and out and then continue with her song.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.24.2019 @ 7:55 am

Ive never played the cello but I think it would be fun. I never seen anybody paly the cello in my family, extended family or just anybody in general. I prefer the piano but I would give the cello a try at one point in my life.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.23.2019 @ 12:33 pm


I have never gotten a CAT-scan but I think it might be cool. I think they are for your entire body to make sure you are doing okay.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.22.2019 @ 8:40 am


Im the quickest in my family. Ive run so fast that even my parents have to try to keep up with me which makes me laugh. I think I might join the Olympics one day and do track. I might even win a gold medal for running.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.18.2019 @ 12:01 pm


I love swaying when it makes people laugh. Swaying reminds of Jews when they sway when they are praying or worshipping their God.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.16.2019 @ 8:39 am


I think that when people say classical they mean something u cant forget. Something that was so bad or great that its stuck in your brain. Ive had some experiences like that. I remember when I was four I went to DisneyWorld and saw all my favorite princesses and it was grand! I say that was a good classical moment.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.15.2019 @ 8:29 am

I think that when people say classical they mean something u cant forget. Something that was so bad or great that its stuck in your brain. Ive had some experiences like that.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.15.2019 @ 8:28 am

I think classic music is classical. I don’t know exactly what this word means but it is fun to say and type! classical, classical, classical. I like this word.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.14.2019 @ 8:24 am


Sometimes people feel they don’t qualify for something which is really sad. I know those people and everyone else qualify for everything.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.11.2019 @ 9:01 am


My Dad is tired coming home again from working overtime. I understand we are having money problems but its too much work for him.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.10.2019 @ 8:23 am

When i think of overtime, I think of working overtime which isnt fun. Ive worked overtime for school before and it makes want to yell at the sky and pound your fists.

» Posted By Peighton On 01.09.2019 @ 8:32 am


I love the dishwasher! Its perfect and I dont have to wash them or anything I just put them in and start and pe they are nice and clean!!! Nothing is better than the dishwasher!! I use it everyday and I always make sure I have Cascade pods so I can wasg the dishes

» Posted By Peighton On 01.08.2019 @ 8:48 am

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