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The trunk road wove through tiny communities and branched off at irregular intervals into thin, winding thread of gravel that wandered over the landscape like the tracks of drunken bacteria.

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The artistry of the engineer lies in the fact that no one thinks it artistry – in fact, if the engineer exercises his or her craft correctly, the incredible feats of concrete and steel they create seem as if natural, a thing so obvious and so solidly rooted in place it could not be anything but so.

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The spring at the edge of the land was choked with weeds. Ella leaned over the water, scooping the leaves and threads of algae away, and was rewarded by a clear, sweet bubbling, a little geyser of happiness, cold and clean as all the springtimes in the world.

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I simply haven’t got any whimsical inspirations for you today. I’ve spent to much time this week following other’s caprices. But a green silk couch to lie on and rest, that would be nice.

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of all the assignments she could have gotten – to write for sixty seconds about the word ‘fiction’. Well, fiction is in the eye of the beholder, her time on this planet had taught her that much. Just when you thought the facts of a thing were indisputable, along would come some jackass claiming you were lying. How she hated everyone else’s personal fictions. The men she worked with were the worst -they’d dictate reality to suit themselves and walk away satisfied with the havoc they caused. It was only bearable if one created other fictions to cover it up.

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The coasters in the bar were damp with the condensation that dripped off the tall bottles of Moosehead. that ususally never happens in most of the places they serve Moosehead, but this summer was hotter and more humid than normal for Ecum Secum.

» Posted By Patty Acer On 09.30.2010 @ 6:56 am


“Gong shows …I never knew what they were until someone told me my kid sister had died at one. When I find the bastard what did it, they’re be a gong show then,” said Murphy.

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Like a train of endless waste her thoughts ran round and round going nowehere anyone ever wanted them to go and it was not her choice to think this way but circumstances demanded it.

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Sandwich, what a great idea. Ellen could really go for one – raspberry and ham on stale rye, her favorite. With a side of beet chips. And some lemonade. You just couldn’t get a better snack.

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The mineral qualities of her personality became evident whenever her children needed her. Simply put she had a heart of quartzite – some of it was gold, and some of it was pure, cold, stone.

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Wicker seats on the old lady’s porch were our summer haunts when the days got too hot for bike-riding or hide-and-seek. We’d sit in the dappled shade and enjoy the oven-hot breeze rising from the lake; it’s heat still moved the air enough to coolus although it was like being slowly dried in a convection oven.

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The foam on the cappucino was lopsided and began to slide down the side of the cheap paper cup almost as soon as Fiona picked it up. She tilted the cup to her lips and licked it up, it tasted smooth like Jonny’s semen. Every creamy thing did.

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Star-crossed lovers always reunite at the end of the movie, but that was not Medea’s experience….men always wanted too much to be worth the trouble of reuniting.

» Posted By Patty Acer On 05.14.2010 @ 1:40 pm

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