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sisterhood is a bond that happens outside of a blood relationship. Like mine iwth Tee. She is one of my best friends, I have never felt like it before. We share secrets and stuff. Subhashini and I share a very close bond. We have been friends since childhood

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Decorate your skin with his yellow, late night bruises and cut your own lips with his fist. When he comes at you with word like swords and eyes like warmed metal, just smile and decorate your pale skin with bright and bloody splatters.

» Posted By Po On 07.16.2012 @ 7:19 pm


As the castle built, up towards the sky,
Reaching farther than I could ever dream,
Protecting only what told in stories,
Guarding, oh what, inside its think gray walls,
A perfect fortress to hide my heart.

<3, </3

» Posted By PO On 10.19.2011 @ 10:32 pm


As i stared at the hanging braid, i thought back to the classroom:

the teacher droned on and on about things that never made sense. so what could i do? i yanked her braid.

then she yanked mine- starting our never ending prank war…

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As the teacher blabbed on I stared and stared into oblivion- minds whirring, trees blowing, wondering what the heck I’m gonna do. I smile as I see the sun peek outside the window, and i realize that i love how i am-


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the thread quickly wound its way around my finer. bliss. honey. i was tied to her- or her apron string. i love her- i’ll always be there with her- always tied around her apron string. danicing, eating, i’ll be there for her. her love. <3

» Posted By PO On 08.16.2011 @ 11:08 am


best source of inspiration. Molders of attitude & values. Make or break people.

» Posted By po On 06.10.2011 @ 5:02 am


I am not coward as you are.

» Posted By po On 02.10.2011 @ 3:04 am


dearest, my beloved. i love the way your smile curves. i love the way your eyes twinkle. i love the way you talk. i love the way you sing. dearest, my beloved, i love you.

» Posted By po On 03.28.2009 @ 6:10 am


I am guilty of lying wake to many sins that have no control over me in essence. I have grown accustomed to following my body as leader when the command that is rightfully theirs is godly. I have failed thus I am guilty.

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hello orchid

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