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She was anything but ordinary. She was beautiful. When someone looked at her, she made an impact. Her protruding bones were exactly what everyone wanted. Her light frame was one that could be lifted like a feather with a sigh of the wind.

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She was the only resident who couldn’t afford her rent consistently. That is why she began sleeping with the landlord. She knew she couldn’t handle being out on the streets again. She felt that she was happier giving up her dignity than having nowhere to call her own.

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I sit in my heated car watching the snowflakes melt as they hit the dirty windshield. I wonder if anyone will miss me. I wonder how long it will take before they realize I’m gone. I caress the cold metal of the gun in the palm of my hand and wait for the right moment.

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As I adjusted the antenna on the television set, I watched the screen to see if the fuzziness disappeared. Once I finally got it right, I stood up from my kneel and triumphantly turned around. Not to me surprise, behind me was my sleeping husband.
I wonder silently “How did I end up here?”

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Balance. Is that all you need? It keeps us from our souls who are waiting to tip over. Forever, they’ll try to break it. They will break. And Ruin. Do nothing but Ruin.

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There he was. Just standing there. Staring down at the bartender, his lean, tall figure scared him out of his senses. No one understood. Nor did I. He still wore his black coat, stained with grease and mud. A mess is all he made. The outsider.

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They stood in a single file line, a true reflection of unity. Even through all of the turmoil brought upon these people, they loved each other and supported each other like no other group ever has. They are a people who are truly admirable.

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“Run.” The voice whispered. “Get out of here.” I knew this was the person that only I saw. This was the person who no one else could see. I understand why. It’s technically due to my schizophrenia, but I couldn’t help but wonder if they were the ones who were messed up, not me. What if this this person really were there, and they couldn’t see the truth. They’re the wrong ones; not me.

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I rubbed my scalp and picked out the minuscule things in there. They’d never bothered me. I always itched on my head. But apparently I wouldn’t be allowed to board this ship even in the shabbiest quarters with these little critters living in my hair. Something must be done.

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With each stamp of his tiny feet, she wanted to cry harder because she couldn’t give her son everything he wanted. When the small boy asked for a simple toy, she knew that if she bought him the toy, they’d both have to skip a meal, maybe even more than one.

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I looked down at the numbers. No lower. No higher. That’s wasn’t okay with me. I was still 125 pounds and no where near where I wanted to be. I wasn’t happy with me, which is a sick understatement. In all honesty, I was doing everything I could possibly do to reach a goal: paper thin. But somehow, I just wasn’t there yet and no one but me seemed to care.

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She was exactly that…easygoing. Too easygoing. It was as if she wanted to go with the flow, which appeared to be harmless. But when the “flow” ended up throwing her off of a cliff–or in her case, in front of a speeding car–it turned out that “going with the flow” wouldn’t ever be enough to save her.

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