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“It was an exchange of four-hundred blows upon the life of a simple child who dreamt of a good life. His parents were missing in a world that did not care for him. It is only there and then that he must grow up.” Said Truffaut. “Then, it is my sincerest thought that Jean-Luc was the perfect cast for the role”.
I sat there, the director of legend sitting opposite of me in a comfy chair, a microphone hanging on the lapel of his coat. I held on to my notepad tightly, containing the mirth of excitement.
It was him, the man that gave me back my childhood by showing it to the world. He didn’t even know.

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Eating roasted cockroaches. Praying to Death itself. Making a woman cry. Whip oneself for a god. Telling the truth. Having a dissenting opinion. Thinking the world could be a lot better than it is.

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I see the stars through a lens the size of a mite. Endless expansions of dust, flaming gas and worlds beyond my comprehension. A time capsule for I see them as they were 50 or 100 million years ago. The history of the universe unfolds in front of me and I bear witness to its majesty. Oh curiosity, blessed is thy name for without you me and the world would still be banging bones together. We would never look up and see ourselves in the reflection of mol after mol of stars.

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Sweat gathered in my palms like a streams colliding to form a waterfall. My fingers shook, the pencil trembled along with them. The question in front of me put my mind into a shock. Letters, numbers and greek letters formed a sentence I couldn’t understand at all. I forced my mind to understand it, but to no avail. Tears started swelling up in my eyes. What’s this feeling of mine?

Oh Math, if only you were simple.

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The End. The image dissolves to black. The last character to appear in the movie exits the set. On the back, everyone else is resting. The princess was drinking shots of tequila with the monster. The prince was playing beer pong with one of the minions. The director congratulates them in a job well done and they tell them to piss off.

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The Dude looked at me, his gaze between glazed with marijuana or just bored. “It’s your turn, man.” I picked the heavy wall and trudged towards the alley. From behind he shouted “Try not to suck this time!” I was a strike away from evening the score, five games away from the end. I closed my eyes, visualizing victory. A swing later, the ball knocked pin number 10 sending the other nine tumbling down. I let him have my best smug smile as I sat down and waited for his turn.

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The king had his family away from him, in case something like this happened. A preparation for the worst case scenario. The army pounded at his door with a battering ram. He could hear the shouting and screaming of a million men dazed in blood-lust. His trusted guardians did what they could to hold them. His trusted advisers told him to flee. The king held his ground, donning his battle garments. As the first splinters of wood started flying at him, he drew his sword.

“Gentlemen, today we die as men.” He said before the final crack blasted the castle door out of its hinges.

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The rabbit invited me to a quiet tea party. Being that we were going to be neighbours, some pleasantries were in order. In his burrow everything was covered in a soft velvet cloth, tinted burgundy. His tea was sweet but not overly so. The winter was harsh on all of us, specially on his food supply. Yet he was extremely hospitable. With great mastery he made a cocktail of carrots and celery worthy of the most picky palates. A marvellous chap.

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Detective Shigesato drove me to a strangely wonderful place. Its as if nature had gobbled civilization and claimed this place as its own. The ghost town, built on the side of a cliff, was slowly but surely overrun by nature.

“What’s the name of this place?” I asked.

“Aounma-ji. City of ghosts.” He replied.

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Skeletons of fourteen legged pachyderms with two trunks. Headless cats with two ant-eater tongues. A towering man with one extra head and one missing leg. All sealed away in a notebook labelled “creatures”.

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Embers of words, disjointed sentences spread across the air. Lips pursing while air dwindles away from their lips. I hear them all to well. Crying out for those they held dear. Alas, the ground is a very good insulator and their faces replaced with hard slabs of stone. Their names are carved on them. Sometimes I think of them as my friends, other times as a captive audience.

They’re the only ones who will listen to my mumbling.

Because they speak back in the same hushed tones.

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The Roman soldiers stormed in the house, breaking down the door. They searched up and down the house, destroying everything in their path. There was nothing of value there. Once they did their searching inside, they found a man in the courtyard drawing shapes on the sand. He had not heard them break in.
“Stand up!” ordered a precocious soldier to the older man on the ground.
“Shush! Don’t interrupt me or my circles!” The old man replied.

All it took was the thrust of a spear to destroy the great man of Syracuse.

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Ions. Magnets. Light towards a black hole. Two people in love. A predator to its prey. Money to greedy people. Death to us all.

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The olive tree cracked down on top of them.

Such a horrible sight.

The branch cracked open the flesh between her immaculate eyes.

A blink of an eye and his mother was no more.

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I looked towards the vast sea without end. “Keep walking!” said the man who pointed at my head with a gun. It was hard. Tied to my leg was an anchor. Pier creaked with every step.

I mouthed a prayer even though I wasn’t much a believer myself.

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A commitment.

The front desk man hands me my prescription.

Diazepam, ten milligrams it says.

I had to shell out half my paycheck on this.

Not anymore.

People hand down stuff to you when you’ve got nothing to loose.

» Posted By Onix On 04.10.2013 @ 7:31 pm

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