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It was a great shock to me I could not believe that it actually happened. The grief on my parents face, the horror on my wife’s. I did not want it to happen, none of us did, yet it happened as not a single one of us could influence their choice. I was the one they wanted to die … I had to in order t o save them. Government announced my number … I am to be this years Sacrifice !

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‘She turned into a monster’ said the blonde haired boy sitting in the very corner of a small square room. ‘She really did I saw it !’ he added a second ago, looking wildly at people gathered around trying to find someone with at least a bit of belief in their eyes.

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She frowned at him looking a bit gloomily. As always he had no idea what he’s done wrong, but from her face there was no mistake. This time it must’ve been something dead serious. Normally she just shrugs his stupidies off, but this time it was a frown of real anger.
“I’m sorry ?”
He more of a guessed that actually apologised not knowing what was wrong.

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Filled with fury he fun towards the closest man. His fists clenched, his eyes filled with tears, he run passing dead bodies of his fellow comrades. He did not care what was to happen next, he only wanted that bastard dead. Soon his wish was to become true and it would be his hands that were the tool of that resolved revenge.

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‘In one place for such a long time…’ he said looking at her with his look of envy. ‘Bet you never actually managed to do that, did you ?’ reponded a man in black on his right. ‘I never managed to stay with one girl for more than 2 weeks and you are telling me about lifetime in one spot !?’ uttered the blonde man looking at a dea woman laying on the floor.

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It was a trivial thing to do, yet it took all his inner strentgh to actuallly follow him and catch that guy. ‘Trivial pursuit’ said Jackal looking kindly into mans face ‘Why did you even try to run, you know perfectly well you cannot outrun us, we are the next step in evolution… you cannot hide from us’.

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He hid in the trenches from the incoming bullets. Fear spread across his face as an ugly mask, giving him a terrifying grotesque expression. He wasn’t ready for it, he never was nor he will ever be. He realised it now, but NOW was already too late. His life would end soon, too soon, with a clattering sound of a mortar, he was about to meet his death, unprepared, too young for it.

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In the end he was hoping to make the confession he wanted to make in a very long time. Shaking from fear of not being accepted made it even harder for him but also ensured him in his decision.

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They were living by the rules and there were no exceptions. Anyone who shown the slightest will of being different, breaking the code and stepping out of the dogmatic mindset was set to extermination in an instant.

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It is hard to do it as so many has failed, but yet it is one of the biggest thing a writer can accomplish. Is that it, what you seek ?

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It was War of the Rose that started this vicious chivalry between these two old families that ruled the city of Abenskar. It was short, yet very brutal war with severe casualties on both sides of the conflict. In the end it was just another normal day in Abenskar.

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With no movement at all, the barrel was aiming at her head. As if the sharpshooter was a mannequin unable to move. He was ready to shoot, with tears filling his eyes he pulled the trigger watching the head of, what used to be his wife, get a gaping hole in the middle.

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He was used to being called ‘weakling’ but he never gave a damn about it. He knew that some day in the future, they would need his help.

That day has come. And the help they needed was much more serious that anyone could’ve imagined. Wearing a habit, taking Bible into the pocket he went out of the house, hoping that this time the exorcism will be easier than the last one.

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“We’ve got injure here. He’s bleeding.” McConnor shouted. “We need backup. I repeat we need backup” he tried to shout over the noise of the shots and explosions coming from every possible direction.

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His fatigue was never good enough for his father. Every practice duel they had he lost not because lack of the swordsmanship skills, it was his body, that was getting tired with every swing, parry or stab.

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His flat was carefully furnished. He thought about every single piece of furniture and it’s place. He believed in this Feng Shui bullshit which his girlfriend considered to be ‘Asian jibber-jabber’ but yet his belief in it was so strong that he managed to convince her that they DO need this kind of planning. I guess you could say it was his small personal win.

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The man standing still in front of the door. Waiting for someone to open them so he could finally sell a copy of ‘an incredible set of encyclopedia that every house can make use of’ but he never expected to see a loaded shotgun in front of his face.

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He never thought of himself as capable of doing it. But it looks like he was wrong. As such thoughts were crossing his mind, the blood was dripping, drop after drop. With the characteristic sound echoing in the room. His ears have heard the scream of agony as the mosquito was splashed on the wall by his slipper.

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A bag full of features they said, looking at a weird satchel. From the inside, yells of the thousand souls could be heard. For the moment, it was not yet known for Nimrod whether the souls were crying in agony, or shouting in pleasure. But he was soon to discover the truth behind the features he could take for himself.

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It was showing north. According to Tom’s old compass they should go exactly the way they were already going. But … There’s always but …
Would this work on this Island ? Everything on the island takes place randomly and never acts as it should, every watch gives different hour and even if you try sincing them they will go back to random setting within next 10 minutes. Would compass work properly, was there even a chance that it would be the only thing that is normal. Tom was about to find out.

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‘Lord forgive me for I have sinned’ – those were the last words uttered by the young man before the crash. In deep belief that some words may bless him and grant him eternal life, the man made himself suffer, as there was nothing there, only bitter dissapointment.

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It was the amount of crysalis crystals that was the most astonishing part of the scenery. They were everywhere. Shining gently in the sunlight, they gave the warm feeling to the room. It was truly magnificent sight, that only those with the interest in art were able to appreciate.

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She plays her violin like an ancient artisan which was born and raised in order to fulfill this one particular role. Role that was set for her by fate.

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Everything was surrounded by the tape. The yellow you see on the movies with the ‘DO NOT CROSS’ on it. Indeed it was a crime scene. With the big puddle of blood in the middle. Outline of the dead guy next to it and group of guys from forensic team with cameras and stuff.

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I never really went there, not that I even want to. But they say ‘You never know’ and it might be true in this case. You never really know what’s about to happen. Perhaps one day, Spa will by me second home.

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He was flexing his muscles trying to show off how strong and manly he is. But that was not the thing she was looking for. It wasn’t the right way to impress her. She smiled in a gentle way and walked away, leaving the guy with idiotic look on his face. It was the first time his muscles failed him.

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They went to check if everything was allright. The Stromkirk guys were taking a bit too much time on their patrol. They never heard before that any of the Stromkirk guards would not respect given orders, so the first thought they had, was that something bad had happened. They were so close to the truth. But as I reckon, ‘bad’ is word not good enough to explain what things took place.

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Weird word today we have … Stretcher … Sounds nice. Has a nice ‘woody’ kind of thing as Monty Python would say. Indeed it has !

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Pumpkin with Freddy’s faced carved in it was standing in the front of the house. The chairs on both sides of it were hosting two skeletons wearing tuxedos. Behind them, three dead bodies were hanging from the ceiling. It was surely the best Halloween decoration he ever did.

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The latest crew member was a real asshole. Swearing all the time, arguing with everyone. He thought he was the boss there … Oh my God, how wrong was he. It’s a pity that he realised this fact with both of his legs broken by my wrench. What a terrible ‘accident’ it was … Pity indeed

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