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It was no surprise the coffeehouse was crowded. What did surprise him was the lovely creature sitting at one of the many tables so randomly strewn about. She sat with a group and sipped her chosen libation with her head in a newspaper, oblivious to their lively conversation. Clearly, though she dressed the part of just another local office professional, she was alone and not part of their circle.

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Strands of consciousness came and went. Strands flittered about with so many more, past the sheers that breathed in and out and then out the open window. When the sheers breathed some back into the room he caught them with his teeth and sucked them down. He would own them, the strands of others, they were his and they were him.

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The lighters were on sale. So many colors, so little time to choose. Which one would be best to light the fire he had considered? The fire that would ignite the next phase of his life? The fire that would end his current misery in this small town that was so normal.

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Another exercise where i am to wrtie about the word physics. I remember Mr. McCord’s high school physics class. Mr. McCord would blow things up on a regular basis and that’s why I sat in the front row. Oh what a show. he was a genius though.

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I wrote this before, but the system will not send me the code to create an account. I’m so sad that I can’t keep my previous work, including this one about physics. Inside I am a river. and there’s still time…

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He braced himself for his next class. Finally, the end of the day was in sight. With a swig from the drawer he reminded himself that these were his star pupils. These were the students that had excelled in his previous chemistry classes with ease. These were the ones with the birght shining faces and minds.

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She stood there and just. No part of her would move. Her arms were locked tight and she just–
She blinked, but still stood there. She–her brain–what was she–it couldn’t be–
The door opened completely and they stood there in front of her, guilt on their faces and she felt herself break down completely.

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it’s sticky, tasty with waffles and pancakes. sometimes it is flavored like butter, strawberry, but mostly it’s known for being maple. also, syrup is good when you dip sausage in it.

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Twisting can be many different things, for example, if someone gives you a Chinese burn, they are twisting your arm. If we look behind or beside ourselves we are twisting our necks

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This is the sound of a lung barely heaving- The Man drowns an ocean of rules down your nose, and scraps his nails against your lips, still, it is expected of you to say, “thank you”

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To a certain extent, I used to feel devastated that my feelings for a certain individual weren’t returned – watching her with someone who seemed to be treating her in a horrible fashion felt absolutely awful, which made me feel more protective over her in response. Having gained a little more perspective on the matter, his behavior towards her is somewhat more sympathetic – unfortunate in places, but something that she’s happy to bear through.

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“It’s a musical slam dunk,” I said to you. “A little like High School Musical, but yeah.”

“Musical slam dunk?”

“It shakes and gives off a shrill cheer like what happens when you guys do a slam dunk.”

You glare, almost annoyed. “Our fans don’t cheer ‘shrilly’.”

I shove it towards you, and shrug. “Try it.”

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What you’re saying is plausible, but it isn’t possible, nor is it probable. Keep those toes in line, child.

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/initializing ‘strive’/
a skin breaking out into hives-
blood running alive
/uninstalling drive/

don’t you dare take five.

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Do no harm; do no evil, and do me no hurt. I never meant any harm; I meant to kill, officer. There is a great difference between the two. I seek the soul, and not the flesh.

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On my way out of the seven-eleven, with a bag of pepsi and another cup of coke- a traitor of commercialism I was- you hijacked my train of thought and made it clear that sprite was obviously the best choice, and only I could rival that.

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Nothing is ever too exact- because the universe cannot be measured by a meter, and neither can my sentiments.

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In a crossfire, they’ll never ask you the specifics- instead, they throw you a gun and then insist that they were saving you.

I look at the papers spread out on the table, and the lawyer that looks kindly at me.

“So, child, who would you like to go with? Your mom or your dad?”

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He look out the window at the soggy drizzle lazily falling from the the heaven above the ghostly white clouds. He wondered if he was their, above the haze, looking down at this dank world. God, he missed him. The way he felt. The way he smelt. Everything about him made him ache with longing. Out in the failing mist he could see him. Just out of reach, by the old oak tree where they had first met. He remembered that day. Like another he had taken a stroll after lunch… ‘No, I can’t do this to my self, I must forget’ he pleaded with his memory. He looked out the window at the soggy drizzle lazily falling from the resting place of his past lover. A rain drop falling from his losing eye.

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“It’s alarming,” you say, poking at the lost clocks and watches.

I keep quiet, but chuckle as you continue to fiddle with the artifacts, a pocketwatch in your hands.

“It is,” I murmur.

The sudden caw of a mechanical bird makes us jump.

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the rusty lump of metal was throw overboard. it sank deep into the phosphorescent ocean: past the various creatures of the deep. until, finally, it reach the sandy bed. the ship, with its exuberant velocity, dragged the anchor like a toy along the murky depths until it crashed and fused with a jagged rock.

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In the beginning I knew I was destined for greatness. I had my bag of chips and sprite right at my side and no one could stand in my way.

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It was returned to me the very next day. i never sent a package that had never been delivered. i wanted it to get to m great aunt in norwich, but now, i got the mutton back. fully wrapped. i was not best pleased with rowel mails decision to return the mutton to me, but the post office works in mysterious ways.

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“WHAT?!” she exclaimed startled.
“Yes ma’am” the shop assistant respectfully replied “shoes are half price today”.

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They told me you were important. A God. Holy. Mighty.

When one repeats this over and over into your six year old brain, you’d take it to be truth.

Now I don’t know if the historians were blinded. I thought you righteous, I thought you perfect.

You weren’t.

You were a king, oh right.
And you sat on a throne of lies.

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I claim I’m right, even when I’m wrong. I claim I can’t, even when I can. I claim I know the truth when all I know are lies.

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her features shone out at me like a thousand suns. her high cheekbones, her slender nose. those piercing, intense eyes. they rooted me to the spot, frozen in awe. her beauty was more though. more than her features. it was her confidence. the way she wore it like a dress. i have never seen someone stand so proud. yet there was something beneath. something behind her mask of pride. fear. fear of being alone. fear of dismissal. for just like everyone else, she had feelings.

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patience is a virtue we are all uselessly impatient beings that are like cows bashing everywher ei think of crushed potatoes when one is impatient because when you don’t allow a potato to simmer, you don’t allow it to become a good potato. i lack patience and therefor i am not a good baker or a potato patisserie or a potato chef in general. potatoes are henceforth more patient than me

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You are an object of appreciation.

You are an object of fancy.

You are an object worth ten thousand dreams ((they never exist))

You are an object.

Nothing more than an object.

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What can be measured?

Time, the thickness of your coarse thighs, the length of your pudgy fingers.


What can’t be measured?

Your kindness. Your personality. Your happiness.


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