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The blank calendar hung on my wall. Just another thing to remind me of my nonexistent social life, I thought. All my friends where out and about while I sat here pitying myself because of a blank agenda. I checked my Instagram feed, and as usual everyone else had something to do, but I don’t have anyone to do anything with. Then something caught my attention from the corner of my eye. I suddenly thought back to two saturdays ago, the last time I did anything with my friends.

“Hey Vi! What do you want from Dunkin Donuts?” My friend Emma yelled across the mall food court.

“Umm…. How ’bout a headlight?” I responded

“Okay.” She sang “Be right back!” and she pranced to the Dunkin Donuts kiosk. I sat at a little table with three chairs, although there were only two of us. I pulled out my phone, and as usual, I had no messages. Well that is if you don’t count my mom telling me to be home at 6. I know this sounds weird, but I’ve always enjoyed watching people. You spend your whole life being cast aside you get pretty observant. I like to watch peoples reactions to the situations thrown at them. I love putting myself in other people’s shoes, I love pretending to live someone else’s life. I was interrupted when an incredibly handsome boy that I had never seen before asked me a question.

“Is this seat taken?” He asked.

“Well… Uh… Um” he sat down “Uh sure have a seat, I guess… ya know if you want to.. I mean…”

“So I noticed you from across the room, and well you’re really cute.” he smirked slyly. I have to admit, no one has ever told me I was cute. I mean I’ve had my share of elementary school relationships that lasted a couple weeks, but none of those boys could ever compare to how this boy I had just met made me feel.

“Oh wow, thanks.” I blushed “Uh I’m Violet.”

“Ethan.” He took a napkin from the dispenser, and a pen from some survey about mortgages , and began to write his number. “Here, I’ve got to run. Text me if you get a chance.”

I picked up my phone, and the napkin pinned to my wall, and started to text.

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I looked at my dresser, and there it was. That pink and gold headband that had meant so much to me once upon a time. Now it just sits their taunting me. Reminding me of the embarrassment it has caused me. Looking at that headband was like laying down in bed and all your memories flooding back. Wearing that headband was torture, for I was wearing this “lucky” headband the night that he died.

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I stared her down. That girl and I, we have a history, a rivalry. We’re the same height, age, and weight. That makes us great in the ring together. It helps to that we hate eachother. As my music played I approched the ring, and never broke eye contact. The bell rang and all of the sudden she was on the ground, and I was the reason.

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I paddled down the river, soaking in every juicy detail. The sun was bright and reflecting on the water. The strong smell of tomato sauce an cheese made me extremely hungry. I looked around and saw couples on romantic gondola rides, children laughing while eating gelato and people of all ages enjoying each other’s company. Venice is truly a happy place.

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I dashed into the kitchen. The overwhelming smell of smoke hit me so hard I almost fell. I look around and saw my little sister. My little four year old sister. She just stood there by the stove looking up at me in horror. The spatula in her hand queued me in that she had been trying to make breakfast! She stood there clutching that ratty old stuffed bear cub of hers, shrugged, and said “Pancakes anyone?”

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