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When i am sitting in a swing I like to sway back and forth. Sway rhymes with way, and the word way is in sway. it makes me think of the phrase sway in the wind, im not sure if that even is a phrase but I think it is.

» Posted By Olivia On 03.07.2019 @ 11:13 am


Do not believe what you have done. Do not believe you were solely the one to craft my life. You may have made these hands, but they are still my hands. You may have made my eyes, but they are still mine to see with. You may have made my heart, but it does not pump your blood. This is my body. Not yours. And I can do whatever I want with it.
Bugge off.

» Posted By Olivia On 03.16.2018 @ 10:11 pm

She made me. Out of stone and dust and despair, she crafted my bones. Out of marble and water and joy, she fleshed out my muscles. She made my eyes from sapphires; she fashioned my tounge out of alabaster; and for my heart, she used sandstone. It was a lovely thing for her, sandstone.

» Posted By Olivia On 03.16.2018 @ 10:09 pm


there was a small little bucket named jet he was no ordinary bucket he was a shape shiftier every one loves him.

» Posted By olivia On 10.31.2017 @ 4:21 pm


there was a witch she had a very small broom the found it i her fathers haunted mansion it was magical it gave her powers that no ordinary people have. she started out as a little girl named lila until that broom came along

» Posted By olivia On 10.30.2017 @ 4:40 pm


I was starving so i went to mc donalds and i see a cow that was in front of me. I couldn’t order my food cause the cow. The cow was starving also but as it couldn’t talk , because is a cow, it didn’order anything. So i couldn’t order anything and i was starving all the day.

» Posted By Olivia On 05.15.2017 @ 10:31 am

I was starving so i went to mc donalds and i see a cow that was running. I couldn’t order my food cause there was a cow. The cow was starving also but as he couldn’t talk , because is a cow, it didn’order anything. So i couldn’t order anything and i was starving all the day.

» Posted By Olivia On 05.15.2017 @ 10:22 am


Well outfits are used everyday. They give everyone stress about thinking oh should I wear this or should I wear that. well who cares just put something on you are comfortable in. it doesn’t matter what everonye else thinks . just focus on yourself, and everything will be ok.

» Posted By Olivia On 01.27.2017 @ 10:26 am


the comet flew across the sky as thousands of people turned their heads to look at its beauty it didn’t know that it was going to destroy civilization and neither did anyone else oh well

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I am centered. My stomach, my core. My energy lies where my food and my soul churn, endlessly.

» Posted By Olivia On 12.20.2016 @ 7:18 pm


The compass always points north, the truest friend I’ve ever had. Dependable, trustworthy, kind and compassionate, this compass has always been. I am proud to call this compass my own.

» Posted By Olivia On 12.18.2016 @ 3:02 pm


Don’t cry over spoiled milk. Sure, cry over spilled milk; it’s a bit of a tragedy, isn’t it, a mistake that really didn’t have to happen. But spoiled milk, that’s a different story; that spoiled milk had to be left, forgotten.

» Posted By Olivia On 12.15.2016 @ 4:17 pm


Crash! The airbag sprung out faster than I could blink, faster than I could hide behind my eyelids from the disaster happening in front of me, all around me. So fast, indeed, that I watched as it inflated and thrashed and lashed out to graze my naked eyeballs.

» Posted By Olivia On 12.14.2016 @ 1:32 pm


As she bathed in the warm bubble bath, she reflected on her day on vacation. It is so relaxing in the mountains, she thought. Grabbin

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his questions always go unanswered around here. No one even thought of explaining anything to the newbie. Max was the only one to even give him anything that could seem close to an answer. Simply pointing in the direction of one of the many hallways with an uninterested grunt. At least it’s better then what Rowena gave him which was nothing more then a friendly smile.

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The show “the middle” first comes to mind; then the song by Jimmy Eats world. idk…I guess the middle isn’t a very good place to be, not the place you want to be. Middle denotes not knowing where to stand; kind of like on the fence.

» Posted By Olivia On 08.01.2016 @ 8:51 am


The sleeves i was wearing had many holes in the. every time i wear the long sleeve t shirt in the sun i get burned just where there was a hole. i tried sewing the sleeve up it would open again. i hope my t shirt will stop getting holes

» Posted By Olivia On 06.01.2016 @ 1:20 pm


The sight isn’t clear. There, yet not. Like many things, we can tell it is around us yet we don’t pay attention to life’s smallest things like that.

» Posted By Olivia On 03.13.2016 @ 8:46 pm


She sighed and pulled her heavy armor from the shelf. It was strong, and had kept her safe in many battles, just like the one she was about to enter. The metal was smooth under her touch as she put it on and prepared to fight for her kingdom.

» Posted By Olivia On 01.25.2016 @ 7:11 pm


Camouflage made her want to throw up.

Honestly, it was so tacky. She understood the practicality for hunting, a popular hobby in the south where she lived, but when people showed up to school wearing it she just wanted to vomit.

It was only worse when people wore crocs with camouflage too.

» Posted By Olivia On 01.18.2016 @ 7:08 pm


She really needed to eat more.

She was a busy bee, always planning way too much in one day and more often than not, forgetting to include a time to eat.

Calories were precious treasure to her when she did get around to eating, though.

» Posted By Olivia On 01.17.2016 @ 7:17 pm


Confident. That she was not.

Sure, it was easy to hold your shoulders back and your chin up, to make yourself look bigger.

Her mind didn’t believe it though. Not at all.

She wished she was a mouse, small and insignificant and able to run away and hide at a moment’s notice.

» Posted By Olivia On 01.14.2016 @ 5:04 am


The rural town was horrible. Too many backwards idiots who seemed twenty years behind.

Regardless of the locals, she loved the open feel. It was much better than the crowded city. She felt like she could breathe there.

» Posted By Olivia On 01.13.2016 @ 10:53 am


It was a beginning.

But it was also an ending.

She stood in the doorway, bag over her shoulder as she dared to take the first step. She knew he was still inside sleeping, snoring too damn loud like usual. He wouldn’t know she was gone, she’d be a memory, just like the bruises he left on her skin.

With one last backwards look, she turned and took a step out.

It was a beginning.

» Posted By Olivia On 01.11.2016 @ 2:46 pm


Being stabbed hurt a lot more than he thought it would.

Of course, he had never planned on being stabbed, it wasn’t the sort of thing people actively tried to do. Still, when the knife pierced his side, he was down in an instant, a cry of pain leaving his lips.

Yeah, being stabbed hurt like hell.

» Posted By Olivia On 01.08.2016 @ 6:50 pm


She had been raised her whole life to be exact. To take measured steps. Hold your chin up, shoulders back, keep your spine long. She had to put her best foot forward, literally every moment of her life and by the time she was eighteen she was sick of it.

» Posted By Olivia On 01.03.2016 @ 5:48 pm


I felt like I would never be clean again.

He had ruined me, made me a shell of my former self. Just thinking about him made me want to vomit and get in the shower, scrubbing at my skin until it was red and raw

He made me dirty.

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people ACTED on the walking dead.

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I feel as if my baby sister does not feel comfortable in her own skin because of her weight. I wish I knew how to help.

» Posted By Olivia On 09.13.2015 @ 2:24 am

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