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The lemon was sour. She spit it out. The nasty thing. Why had she put it in her mouth? What kind of person was Joshua to make her taste the nasty thing? It had been a cruel idea. Eeeew. She hated lemons; she knew that now. Never again would she eat one. They were wicked, evil things designed to rid people of their happiness.

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Affection is kindness. It feels good. It’s holding hands, hugging, laughing together under the stars. Affection is being amused when they do something cute. Affection can be affected and silly. It can be ridiculous and annoying. But it can also be darling. Be affectionate.

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She swatted at the fly. “Aah, get off me!” Mumbling, she turned around and closed the door, then called downstairs, “Jenna, stop leaving the door open! You’re filling the house with flies!” Swatting at them, she went to get the fly-swatter.

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There was a faint golden aura about her. It shone with a gentle brightness that reminded me of the sun in some far-off, unreal way. I instinctively trusted her. She was good, and that too radiated with a pure, innocent, peaceful feel. She would be someone to have on my side. I was glad to finally meet her.

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The train whistled. “Whhoooooo!” I jumped. “Oh! There’s a train there!”
“You think?” Alex asked dryly. “I didn’t realize.”
“Oh you,” I muttered, and punched his shoulder friendlyly. “Stop it. Teaser.”

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Oooooh! I’m starving. I’m hungry. I need food. And I need it now. Is that cake?! Give it– no, wait, it’s not. Uhhhn. I need to eat. I’m ravenous. Quickly. Please! Now.

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“I’m starving. Give me something to eat,” he growled.
“She backed away, frightened. When Henry was hungry it was almost like he was an animal, and cared not for others. He did as they did, relying on instinct. And it was terrifying to everyone present.

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“How terribly historic. I tell you, this moment will be remembered by generations to come. All will revere and honor you for what you have just done. You have done what they refer to as ‘making history.’ You are one of America’s heroes, because you truly are historic.

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I’m sick of the word welt. I wish they would have another word. I wish it wasn’t the same word the whole day long. I wish it would give me another opportunity to write. I like this thing. I like writing. I like how you write as much as you can in sixty seconds. It’s not about writing perfectly about welts, or whatever the word is for that day. It’s about writing.

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She felt the welt. The pain screamed out. She looked down at her arm and saw the skin, burnt, flaming red. Not only did it hurt, it looked nasty. And gross. Eeew. Why. Why. She didn’t want a welt. She needed to be more careful. Next time she made pancakes.

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