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Many years he had waited, and nothing had changed. A chasm of despair and loneliness created only by the separation of society surrounded his whole being. The arms that longed to be held by flesh and blood scratched against the invisible barrier clouding his vision. It only grew thicker as seconds ticked by. Each tick of a clock that he couldn’t find, drove a nail into his heart, until enough had gone by that the very essence of his soul was no longer visible. It was covered and mutilated by the cold-blooded lonesome demon whose purpose was to force the submission of emotion. In reality, creating the thing the demon longed for the most, a companion. One who felt as though he did. Frenzied words ripped themselves out of his throat clinging to a newfound partner, silence. Brutish creatures who once looked as he did, had eyes that followed him everywhere. Their convenient mouths were not twisted into a perpetual sneer, but into a look of alienation and callousness. A patient knock filled with a somehow irresistible contagion of hope penetrated the fog surrounding him. From his makeshift pillow of rolled, tattered clothing and a blanket of crumpled paper he opened his eyes fully for the first time in years. He dragged his mutilated body toward the entrance of his cardboard castle. He grabbed the brush he had bought with the money he received for almost dying for his country, and tried to brush the gnarled greasy rat’s nest which he called his hair. With apprehension building and the continued knock of hope pounding on his heart, he grabbed the door. He opened it not only to the empty doorstep of his home, but to shining of the sun and the brisk clicking of the expensive shoes worn only by impatient women. For he was no longer a resident of loneliness, but a citizen of the world.

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Written by a mass of broken people, beaten down by the sadistic, blood-thirsty tyranny of red coats. They come bearing bad news, forcing cowardice among the young. Showing the result of fear on the weak of heart and mind. The small run, while the large stand their ground. Brought on by the paramount thought of a loquacious but never the less a stumbling man. A bond written between the cursed, and aided by no one. This bond was created for the people They fear the reprisal of the powerful, so in return they fight. Not only do they bear arms against the many, but they raise their minds in an attempt to outwit, outsmart,or out-achieve. The result of this raucous birth of freedom has created new land free from all oppression. This all came from a promise to each other, to avoid the corruption that branches from the heart of evil, and to always fear the mightier. Looking back on the ideas of a simple time where the only threat came from a tangible object, an object made of gunpowder and metal that’s very occupation was the mutilation of kin, life seems bleak. Now we face horrors such as the misrepresentation of excellence. People throw themselves into the spotlight in order to gain pieces of green paper with faces of once great men who governed over us. We have our future generations starving and homeless, while we stuff our faces needlessly. Our innovation threatens to rip us off of our high pedestal with chemicals and toxic gas invading the once pure earth. So, what happened to the contract that tied one man to another? What happened to the commitment to good and to the upheaval of the wicked?

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Glowing embers seemed to have replaces it’s usually cold and empty eyes. I had no idea what happened. The intensity was growing and growing. The colors shone through the barrier and the heat had become almost unbearable. It’s friends up north seemed distant and unappreciative, and especially cold. They were silent as I looked on with confusing eyes. Suddenly, footsteps erupted as a wailing siren went off. Thousands of thoughts crossed my mind as I fell towards the ground edging my way from the metal monster. I closed my eyes expecting the worst, but nothing but silence accompanied my fear. Out of respect for myself I opened my eyes to see nothing but my sister taking her food out of our conventional oven. The world righted itself, and the once hideous monster transformed into nothing but a mechanical device used to satisfy her needs. That’s when I heard the screaming.

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