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The offer was enticing, to be sure… but she couldn’t just agree to something like that! Did he even know what he was asking? A simple request to him was the cause of great debate and confusion inside of her.

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Heartache. It’s the only word she could think to describe this feeling, but… why was her heart aching so? What had happened to cause such a pain? She wasn’t sure. All she knew was that if she kept pressing forward, it would all make sense.

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The endless branches of catacombs crawled onwards and onwards, seeming to grow as they continued on

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None. That was it. That was all that was left. How am I supposed to do it when there are none left? Didn’t they set it up so this wouldn’t happen? Shouldn’t there have been someone to go to about this?

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I couldn’t understand… He said there had been none. None of what? This was message I had crossed to the depths of space for? None? I turned and left without a word.

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All around me, closing in tighter and tighter, is nothing. Nothing but darkness. It suffocates me, eternal and stifling. Behind this eternal darkness: nothing.

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There is nothing. Nothing but darkness. It’s squeezing in tighter and tighter. I can’t sense anything else around me but this darkness, and behind the darkness: nothing…

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i had this word yesterday…

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I couldn’t see. Everywhere I turned, it was just mist as far as I could tell. Nothing could escape it’s grasp. I felt like it was suffocating me. I felt a sting and the warm sensation of blood spilling from me.

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It was beautiful. I had never seen anything like it before. But at the same time, I felt a disturbing presence. I turned around, but all I could see was the mist. I knew someone was hiding in it.

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I finally realized what it was. All this time, and in that one moment everything had been revealed. How blind I had been. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t speak, all I could do was sit and stare; his words kept floating through my mind again and again.

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She turned to the man. “Here it is, sir. One huge pie.” As he thanked her and left, she noticed something odd. She looked down at her apron. There was something there that wasn’t right, but she couldn’t tell what it was.

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He drank the wine joyously. “This is splendid occasion!”, he boisterously announced to the crowd. Everyone was laughing, their spirits high.

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