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She might as well have been flattened by all of the cars rushing by outside, all of the petty people on their way to “important” events. Her husband was dead. It had happened so quickly, too quickly – she would never be able to adjust. But at the moment, she was too numbed to cry. She just wanted to cease her existence and run away from everything.

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He’d been the underdog for years on end now, something that his girlfriend never failed to tease him on because of the vast amount of dogs he owned. But at the end of the day, it was true – he didn’t have much money, his family was falling apart in every way, and he couldn’t keep himself in check to get good grades. But at least he was an underdog with her.

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The sound of her baby boy’s first footsteps didn’t bring her to tears…at least, not immediately. She felt herself losing control of her emotions, but instead of sobbing over the momentous occassion she remained frozen. He was growing up, and before she knew it eighteen or so years would’ve passed by and he’d be leaving her. Oh, she loved him.

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Of course he was failing the class – his entire method of getting assignments in was managing to forget and make excuses until the day before and then pushing himself to the very edge of performance in order to scrape together a product in a matter of hours. Often this ended up being overnight, making it so he couldn’t fall back asleep before it was time to jog out to the bus stop.

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She stood there, feeling as numb as she could without suddenly keeling over dead. She couldn’t move – if she moved, then she would know it was real. She would know it was more than just a simple nightmare. Then she would know that the crimson blood on her hands was truly warm and wet against her paling skin.

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She never should’ve allowed herself to fall so much in love. It seemed stupid, like she was a lovesick damsel in a cheesy romance novel. She didn’t want to be lovesick, nor a damsel…and this was real life! But, of course, the fact of the matter was that she was sitting in her living room, waiting to announce her fourth child. Four children with this man.

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She sped into her new job with such conviction, unbelievably pleased that she’d been able to take her dreams and mold them into something tangible as if they’d been made from clay. Now she was standing in her very own little dress shop, something she often read about in small novels when she got the time to curl up beside her cat and lean against a cushion as rain pattered against the window.

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“You have to broaden your horizons, Sierra,” her mother explained. “You seem to have gotten yourself stuck into a single sort of thing, but if you want to succeed you need to expand.”
“I don’t want to expand,” Sierra sighed. “I’m doing so much already – singing, acting, and dancing. And then I’m piling schoolwork right on top of that.”

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He could never be grateful enough to her simply for her presence beside him. But he became far more grateful when he considered how much help she’d provided otherwise. She’d been there when the entire room had turned itself away and there was nothing she could do.. She would always have some amount of words to make him feel somewhat better, in one way or another.

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She realized she’d imagined it all. There had never been any threat, it had only been a projection of her mind yearning to release all of her energy on something and not feel guilty about it. She’d gotten herself so racked up about everything that came her way that it all exploded at the slightest noise. There was nothing she could do – her mind was already gone. All it had taken was that one gunshot all those years ago.

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She could hardly stand it any longer – no matter what she did, she always ended up rushing into a brick wall. There was nothing she could do to find a way out. Every side she could possibly see would be taken up and blocking her in. In these moments she was and felt like little more than a bird in a cage. Perhaps that was all she’d ever been, with her winds clipped.

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All she wanted to do was maintain even the slightest shred of dignity in the moment of complete and utter distress. She’d seen what other people had been like when their loved ones had died from cancer, and she didn’t want to be another pitied widow, sobbing hopelessly. But she couldn’t prevent the tears from coming – how was this fair? What had she done to deserve such torture?

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She graced him with her presence. It was an obvious fact that she didn’t have any need to be there. She was standing beside him purely out of her own choice, and that alone was enough to make him feel as if his breath might completely escape him and end up causing him to collapse. He was falling for her more than he could’ve ever guessed, and it was getting maddening.

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She wasn’t prepared to be an aunt – she still felt like a young girl, not like someone who would have a young relative any time soon. Sure, it wasn’t her who was taking care of a child, but there was just something about the word. Aunt. It made you think of that one quirky relative who lived in their own apartment and somehow had a ton of money and were the coolest people you knew.

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She saw that the chair was made out of oak. She didn’t know why she was so knowledgable about various types of wood or why that particular detail would leap out at her, but she didn’t feel trying to dive back into the conversation. It had careened so wildly out of control that it seemed impossible to get it back on track after everything. That would simply be far too difficult for either of them.

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Her lips seemed to be permanently creased into a frown, something which he had neglected to pay attention to when they’d first ben reunited. He’d been so glad to see her again, to have her welcome him back into her embrace. He’d been so lost within his own despair that he couldn’t see the pain very clearly written across her face. Now, of course, he felt guilty for it.

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In one clean sweep, she managed to knock over everything on the shelf. Typically, she wasn’t seen as a clumsy person – she’d done ballet for many years, after all. But the exhaustion of staying up late to work on studying was managing to create a mess of her. She missed being graceful and moving with ease, but that was impossible when it came down to it.

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She would’ve been a worldly woman if her own actions hadn’t built up a fenced of barbed wire around her. She allowed herself to become afraid to even leave her own town, and when she finally managed to get over it she tied herself to other time and place through a ring and a promise. But when the marriage broke up, she ran away just to find another place to cling to.

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At the very least he could go out and run a few errands, some of which might not even involve getting out of the car and being exposed to the outside world. No matter how much she tried to press these sorts of points forward, he wouldn’t pay attention to them in a serious manner for more than a few moments. He’d made up his mind, and she couldn’t change a single thing within it. It simply wouldn’t happen.

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the main thing about her was that she always wanted to take place in silly things like tailgating parties and random barbeques but as soon as she arrived she ended up looking horribly upset and ended up wanting to leave. no one could ever figure out quite what was going through her, mostly because no one was ever quite sure what was going through her at any and every moment.

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He remained in pursuit in her for years after the moment she’d left. From the first second she’d turned her back around and walked out, he’d been formulating ways to find her once again and reunite the two of them. It was less simple than it initially seemed, but he wasn’t going to give up. In his eyes, she was the only love of his life and needed to be found.

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The ground of the pit was covered with spikes – falling into it would mean her certain death…or rather, her avatar’s certain death. But she didn’t feel like having to restart this level, so she was going to make sure she cleared it properly on the first try. She knew that she was capable of it, it was just a matter of letting it happen.

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He told her that she was glowing, her eyes gleaming as if two stars had simply been plucked from the sky and placed within her eyes. She immediately broke out into a flush and claimed that was impossible – but to him, she only seemed to glow further. And with every passing moment where she looked so impossibly lovely, he fell a bit more in love.

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She brushed up against him by accident, but both of them ended up with enormous flushes on their faces. Anyone who saw the two of them could tell that they were falling for one another, but they were so blinded by their embarrassed feelings that they couldn’t help but ignore all of the evidence right in front of them. Eventually, however, they would have to realize it – someone would bring them together.

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She promised that she would give as much of her money to charity as she possibly could afford. That was something she promised to herself as a young girl, but now it was coming back to show how she should’ve gone a different route. She could barely afford to support herself and her family, let alone help out with those less fortunate.

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So she fled from everything, leaving it all behind her in a pile of dust and shattered memories. She even left her name behind, trying to make sure she could completely start again. Even though she’d thought that it would be her new beginning, her new passage in life and all, she’d only ended up finding that it terrified her more than anything else she’d ever experienced. She could never return to it, ever.

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She couldn’t help but be impressed by just how dedicated he was to everything he did. If he said that he would do something, even the tiniest little thing, he would go out of his way to accomplish it. Perhaps it had something to do with him loathing the feeling of not fulfilling a promise – that was certainly one idea she could relate to herself.

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She felt as if she were sinking, although the only thing surrounding her was air. No. No, the cancer hadn’t come back. He wasn’t to die soon. It wasn’t that bad. She refused to let herself believe anything she’d been told. Maybe if she kept feeling like she was sinking, she would eventually drown in her mind and then wake up from her nightmare, a nightmare made from real life.

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A huge gust of wind threatened to knock her over, but instead just blew off her hat instead. She started chasing after it but eventually gave up after a few moments, standing in the sand and shaking her head. She’d rather liked that hat, and it didn’t seem like she could get a new one. But a few moments later, she saw the hat once again – this time being carried by someone rather attractive.

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She felt completely worn out from the events of the last several years, and she was highly aware of just how much more the next few years would bring her. With three children to raise, she needed to be at the top of her game – but if anything, it felt like at any given moment she might just keel over and be unable to do anything. She started reflecting this in her appearance – dark circles under her eyes, less care put into her dress.

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