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Silence, it was the only thing Ed heard as the judge told him his sentence. Twenty years to life in federal prison, no parole. He directed his gaze to his mother and saw the tears falling from her eyes. Of course Ed expected to get locked up. However, not to a federal prison and not for life. Ed was only fifteen, so he did believe that the judge would go easy on him. He even shed a few tears as he spoke to the judge, explaining his deep and sincere apologies. Spewing lies about how it was an accident, he didn’t know what came over him, it will never happen again! Just thinking about it made Ed grin because he knew that the judge knew it was all lies. Which made Ed even happier, knowing that someone saw him for who he truly was instead of some scrawny, blonde-haired boy. After all, Ed did batter his father and five-month old brother to death with a hammer, but in all honesty, they got better than they deserved.

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