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People always thought that they were an odd pair. One petite and dark, the other towering and light. One was a dancer, and moved with passion and grade, the other a runner, who moved with force and strength. Aleisha was always told how young she looked compared to Sarah, and always replied saying: “I know. She towers over me but its easier that way.”

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She looked around. The old slide stood rusted and creaking, the swings swinging sadly in the wind. She sighed. She knew this place well. Everyday after school, she used to go here with her sister. But her sister was gone now. Everything was gone.

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I stared into his eyes, watching as his pupil shrunk, and shrunk, and shrunk, until it was no more than a pinprick of black, inside his eye. I screamed in horror as he eye started to bleed, fast and heavy. He sat up, grasping for his knife. As he plunged the knife into my stomach, he said something.
“Sorry, sweetheart,” he said, “That’s just the way it has to be.”

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It took me several seconds to realize what was going on. That all the things that Marcus had just told me were not true. Lies. I fled, sprinting in the only direction i could think of. I had to get to Shay’s house.

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I was baffled. Why on earth would someone do that? I, Mira Richards, smartest twelve year old girl in the world, didn’t understand. I had been told that some scientists in the world wanted to get their hands on children with abnormal powers, like me, to test them.

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“But Granny,” I said “Why does Grandpa have to leave?” We were sittings by the fire, Granny’s long fingers expertly weaving my hair into a braid. “Annabel, darling, I told you already. Some men want to run some tests on him.”

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All my life, I’ve been famous. Famous for writing songs, famous for singing them too. Most people would kill to live like me. An I would kill to live like them. And so I did. As I walked into the hotel room, I smiled. It would be so easy, like turning off a light. I plunge the knife deep into his chest. Out went the light.

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“And inhale. Exhale.” The yoga instructor told us. Elliot giggled. “Shhhh.” Said the woman behind us. It was our first day at Branch Out Yoga Center. Our counselor had recommended it after talking to us. It was supposed to ‘calm us down and put us in the right frame of mind.’ As if!!!

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