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Masters are people who know everything about a single, specific topic or subject or perhaps they have mastered a certain skill like playing a sport. Chefs can be masters, golfers can be masters, parents can be masters. To be a master is a great honor, and one does not become a master by accident. Mastery takes many levels of practice and trials and tribulations.

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you drew on me like I was a whiteboard
like I wasn’t already filled with vivid colors

the whiteboard that was your personality
left little to nothing for insanity

» Posted By nina On 06.06.2019 @ 3:11 am


I think cars cost too much. Houses are the standard that we need to live. They are roots, trees, paper, toothpicks, oil, dirt, sand. And yet that is where so much of our funds go to. Travel costs way to much in this global world.

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There were several people in the room, but I was only looking at one. It was a young man, astonishingly handsome, with black hair and piercing blue eyes that looked just a bit too awake for someone who spent his whole life praying and gardening. But who was I to judge? I, of all people, should know that thoughts like these were just the product of stereotypes constructed by our ignorant society.

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We crumble, and then we fall. crumble, tumble, wind through the tunnle. crumbling ruins of the gods. bread crumbleing in my hands, stupid, cheap peice of bread. worlds will crumble and fall

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Have you ever wished you could be in two places at once? I mean, beyond straddling state lines or flying across the equator. I’m talking about when your heart desires one thing, but every rational instinct in your body tells you another.

» Posted By Nina On 01.10.2016 @ 1:58 pm

It’s warm, humid. People are miserable and damp. Moist and dirt. Restlessness. around the world. ocean is hot.

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Shit. Audrey turned out to be a crook of the highest order. Fuck this, he thought. How this happened, he will never know.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IDK WAT TO WRITE, I CAN’T THINK, THE TIMER KEEPS GOING. i have to get better at this. i’ll try harder next time…

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There was something about the weight of that piece of jewelry that had become so familiar. It’s funny, how a simple object can grow to represent so much. Before, it was just a hunk of metal, but now, the rusted silver charm bracelet that clung to her wrist meant so much more. How did things get like this?

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Sometimes I am captured by depression like a screen or an evil mist that settles over me and ways me down but then it lifts and I am captured by my son’s giggle or my husband’s gentle touch or a patient’s suffering. We are all captured in one way or another good and bad. Maybe it’s all about perspective.

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Nicholas although he is no longer eligible since he’s getting married

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Pressing is a word that old English people use or romance novelist to say things like “I could feel his member pressing against my leg”.

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delighted, lucky, someone that has all the good things happening at once … a life that is full and exciting. I feel that I am charmed at times … and that I can charm others … I see this as a good thing!

» Posted By nina On 12.27.2014 @ 7:44 pm


I walked forward and continued doing so. But then I had to take a few steps back to absorb what had happened. I backtracked, retraced the footprints. I reversed time so that the present would be different. This was so that I could compete with reality. Probably just wanted to interfere with it, see what I can be capable of. The red wristwatch began to burn and I felt a bit unsteady. Standing there became a tiresome endeavor, so I leaned back on the metal wall of what looked like an elevator. Waiting in between the present and past. Nothing came instantaneously. Once I finally regained comfort, I knew that it happened. I reached my stop. I’m back in bed, laptop no longer on my laptop like it was a few minutes ago. The clock on the bottom right read 4:34 PM but the date was two days from the present. Hurriedly, I ran out to check. And everyone assumed their positions exactly as it had been. After the assurance, I went to accomplish the tasks I was given. Quietly and quickly. The members of the backtrack never complained. They worked and that was that. Soon, I had to return to the present. Altering too much of the past would affect more negatively than it had to. I took a deep breath and made my way back to the intermediate. There was a member standing there already who noticed me and nodded as a greeting. I nodded back and stepped in while pressing the return button of the elevator-like mechanism. This was a common thing. Sometimes two or three would be there at once. The limit was six but crowding the intermediate could cause malfunctions. None of us liked to associate with each other. Besides, none of us remember how the others looked. We see so many of them pass at different intervals, it was difficult to recognize any. Of course there’s one or two of my buddies. But we tend to keep the profile low until we leave the mingling world of backtrack members.

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The single thing i cherish the most in my life is my daughter. she has cancer, she is terminally ill, without a single hope in her life. she cries, days on end, grieving for the loss of her young life. her short severed life.

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This was hers. She thought that because no one else wanted it. All she could find was a spoon but that would do. All she needed was something to extend her already long hand, to find histories beneath the soil. But what could she possibly find in London, where the terrain was dug and re planted monthly, to make room on top of room for a new story?

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He was going to need compensation. He was going to need revenge. No one lays a finger on his brother without getting it chopped off. He was going to find that demon even if it killed him. That demon was done for.

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He had to compensate for the fact that she was a complete dumbass. No gun, no knife. How was she going to protect herself. Sighing, he shoved his shotgun into her hand and picked up a knife. He hoped it would work on this demon.

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Children without families. People in need of building strong relationships with others but without the same opportunities to do so as people with families. Loneliness. Longing. Freedom

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Every men wants to be a gentlemen and every women wants a gentlemen. But although they are very hard to find.

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Geometric patterns of stained glass twinkled on the walls of the high-roofed church. The mass was congregated, sitting quietly as the choir sang admonitions of love to the sky.

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He drew a line, followed by another, tracing the plastic edges. He lifted up the stencil and moved it. PROM?

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The forest green ferry moves slowly across the river. She looks out at the dark water, lapping against the side of the boat.

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What was she selling? A silver necklace, embellished with a indigo stone hanging from the end. It was beautiful,

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He was selling apples. Green, ripe apples. Amy took one, polished it against her shirt, the red contrasting with the green in the most delightful manner.

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If I was sensible I would not be casually sleeping with my ex-boyfriend. The first and third times were mediocre but satisfying on some level. The second time was amazing and threw me on an emotional rollercoaster for a few days.

» Posted By Nina On 11.02.2013 @ 10:10 am


is something you put on things you want to close, its actually a funny word is kinda sounds like clam but they are two totally different things, i like to say the word, but i never use clamps in real life

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Incomplete is when something isn’t finished. Your life is really incomplete right now and you might think the world is over because of something stupid but it isn’t. Incomplete reminds me of the word compete, which is to be competitive and fight for something. You have to compete to complete something you don’t like, because if you leave it incomplete it will just never get done and you’re gonna regret it for a very long time. that’s it.

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