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A glove is something I seem to always end up having even though I buy two at a time. Therefore, just like it’s close cousin, sock, I always seem to just have one from the pair. It’s an endless, vicious circle of buying new pairs of gloves and socks, only to seemingly always lose one.

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The time was old. Everything was just a memory, dying as fast as light travels. The only remeniscence of survival was what was left behind. The ancient artifacts are all we have to see.

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Steve hated the water. You could say it was because of his past, almost drowing as a child or even the way water felt. In reality, Steven hated water because his father had loved scuba diving, and Steve hated his father. Steven had hated it since his dad left twelve years ago.

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The New Zealanders gathered underneath their flag and started to sing their anthem as the Australian rugby team charged towards them, cheating by starting before the referee blew the whistle.

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The hit with her staff made me fly. I spun, it felt, end over end until my back hit the warmth of the clearing beneath me. I put my hand to my chest and tried to sit up. I failed. But I heard the whistle of it, heard the hammerstaff whipping about and did my best to roll to the side.

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I saw a couple practicing yoga on the beach yesterday. Some friends and I tried to go kayakking at the #1 rated beach in America, at Honeymoon Island, but there was a wind advisory, so the rental shop was closed up. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, we spotted a purple bikini and a pair of blue board shorts oddly warped and blowing in the wind as their owners did backbends.

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Deep breath. Deep breath. He grabbed the miniscule, diminutive little glass between three fingers and pinched it. He thought about pinching his nose too. Then, as soon as the thought hit, he slammed it back.

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What a particular word. And a particular thought. When he froze, when he didn’t know what to do and how to feel, his mind lingered on it, on shock. He stared at the catastrophe, his eyes darting from one thing to the next, the heat on his exposed face and hands reminding him of the gruesome explosion, the wind and fury and torrent of flame.

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It’s the name of a sugar substitute. The word we use to describe avoiding somebody, but when Rita swerved, when I saw her grip the wheel and scream, “Hold on!”, those are the only things I could remember. That, and the horrifying blue blur of the cars in front of us as we pulled off to the side. It had only been in instant, but we all panted like we’d run a marathon.

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They crept up around the walls and the trees. They surrounded us, and though we didn’t think anything of them usually, these were, they were sinister. As we crept forward, inching ever closer to the door, and the treasure ahead, something crept up the knight’s boot. Though none of the other’s saw it, the thief’s eye was quick– it was her mouth that was too slow.

The vines slipped a thorny hold over the knight’s armored knee. They ripped him away from the group and off he went. The garden was overgrown and he sank into the bushes with surprising ease.

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I remember, when I was about 12, I got Final Fantasy IX for Christmas. I was hoping for it, praying for it. In a family where I only really got to hope for one present, I hoped that I got it. That year, I got a boat. A wooden boat. But when I opened the box up, there it was.

Final Fantasy IX. I played it for hours, that day, and days after. It became a daily routine over that holiday break and when I got back to school, I told everybody about it.

I could never beat this one boss though. This swirling, circular thing. An odd globe. Ozma.

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Laughter is a strange thing. If you’re in on the joke, it feels, breathtaking, enlightening, moving. And if you’re not, it feels like the cruelest thing in the world. It feels like everybody and everything is against you. As we trudged through the city, through the rows and the columns, we could feel the rank, vile disgust of the cityfolk we had sworn to protect.

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The gown flowing around her body shimmered like gossamer in the night. She was a pale, ghostly, powder blue, a beacon in the moonless sky and a lantern in the all-consuming dark. My eyes fixated on her as she pulled me after her, and the vision of her overtook most of mine as we went down, down, down into the abyss.

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She didn’t like to pull into driveways with her lights on. It freaked her out to think that she was freaking other people out, shining her high beams into somebody’s living room just because she needed to turn around. You never knew what people were doing, what privacy you were invading, just because you drove into a dead end. The thing was, it was happening more and more often lately.

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I’ve always liked butterflies, they’ve meant something, symbolically, to me, for a very long time. Not only have I always associated them with women, I’ve associated them with my girlfriend, and later wife. I will always think of her as the dedicated little nectar-gatherer, a fragile little thing on beautiful wings.

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She looked down at her plate. There, amidst a pile of mashed potatoes and cold gravy, a boilerplate assortment of vegetables that lay limp was a big, huge ridiculously sized piece of meat. There was no way for somebody of her stature to even think about starting this thing. She picked up a fork, picked up a knife, and hesitated.

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Drip. Drip. Drop. Drop. Plop, drip, drop. The faucet just wouldn’t shut the fuck up. Drip drop drop drip. I could fix it. But then who the hell would I be? The guy who’s actions are dictated by all these outside forces? No. Fuck that faucet. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drop…

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Of. The palces I’d wish to go. Where is it that I run to and when I get there will I be happy? Ot is it the isolation from my own exsistence I loom for. I continue only because I am.

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Grief means breaking other peoples creations and destroying them. Griefes are very mean people. :(

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A watch is a wearable clock that tells time on the go. With watches you don’t have to bring a big ‘o clock wherever you’re going.

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The jury was all that there was. They were the ones to make the decision. I had no choice. I had no voice. What else could I do but go with what they chose? It’s a sad life, mine. I made my choice and now they make theirs. I must live with it. They are the jury.

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The way it was done was wrong, but the end result was the same. The man was supposed to get the job done quickly and painlessly. For whatever reason the man decided against his orders and used a hammer to kill his target.

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Oh how I was entwined in the fall this year! So beautiful were those leaves falling and slowly laying on the ground… Of course my love and I were entwined ourselves, watching the mass of leaves fall on the ground… We simply entwined our lips and then our hearts and fell deeper in love with the beauty of the season

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Shakespeare knew nothing of the world outside. He knew he would not be able to provide for his family the way he wanted. Young Willy was left with a choice. Become a financial adviser and make the money he knew was necessary, or leave that world for one he knew he loved. One filled with creatures and beings of impossibility. He needed to choose the second. He needed to choose the Globe. And he changed the world there.

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I hate Eagles. Not eagles, exactly. I hate my father, who left me and my mom in 1999, who happen to love eagles and put them everywhere he could. On his dresser, his dashboard, around his neck. He sure loved eagles. Just wish he loved us as much as he loved them.

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The man nervously gripped the armrests of his seat.
“You sure this thing is safe?” He jokingly asked the man sitting next to him.
“Well,” replied the man, “I haven’t been one one that’s crashed yet.”

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He stood at the entrance to the cave.
“Hold fast, my friends,” he called to those traveling behind him, “For we are here!”

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The doubt in her mind crippled her actions, strangling her attention and keeping her feet locked in place. What was she to do? Her thought processes compressed, slowed down, folding in on themselves like the remnants of a star compressing into a black hole.

The doubt paralyzed her, and she did nothing.

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Huddled dark and damp but pleased of shelter the group stopped under the overhang and took stock. Things had deteriorated quickly once they’d left the car behind and didn’t look like picking up.

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i am stuck in aroom the end yay MOOOT peace out yo feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssshhhhhh lololololololololololololand thats all folks

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