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Middle names are weird. like people can’t decide between two names so they give you both names and now its this weird tradition. like wth? Why does anyone need more than one name anyway?

» Posted By Nekaf_the.real_Ema On 08.01.2016 @ 8:12 am


olive oil. I read something in one of my homesteading blogs that I receive that the mob is in on an olive oil scam!! Can you believe that?! Apparently they can make shiddy extra virgin olive oil and make bank on it and its obviously less risky than any of the other shit they have their hands in. crazy.

» Posted By Nekaf_the.real_Ema On 07.28.2016 @ 7:43 am


Nightmare on Elm Street of course! Actually though, there is a cross roads not far from where I work that I really want a picture of and the road names are Elm St. and Slaughter Rd. :D

» Posted By Nekaf_the.real_Ema On 05.03.2016 @ 10:48 am


I have an abundance of thoughts at the moment.. none of them contributing to this post.

» Posted By Nekaf_the.real_Ema On 04.28.2016 @ 9:31 am


prime rib! im starved! I cant wait to grill out this weekend in the backyard while I pet my cow’s face..he will be next! prime beef :)

» Posted By Nekaf_the.real_Ema On 04.27.2016 @ 7:55 am


I have already posted a notice today..but I was not yet a member. I noticed it is lost from my profile never to be recovered. Or maybe I can retrieve it? Who will notice I need help?

» Posted By Nekaf_the.real_Ema On 04.26.2016 @ 7:40 am

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