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I was filled with accusations for what he had done to me, for what he had said. I don’t think I could ever forgive him. Forgive them. Yet as I waited to say them, as the sounds echoed in my head, they felt hollow. And heavier on my tongue as I said them.I knew that my accusations were justified. But how much? Should I even

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I will do things gladly that r out of my comfort zone.

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The marker was blue. Blue had always been the color I associated saddness with. I chose it so that i could write all my sorrows down on paper with it. Tears fell on the paper as i wrote and blue tear drops smudged everywhere. That marker represented my life

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Steady now. You don’t have to worry. Breathe out, you can do this. You have been prepared for this. Nobody else can do this like you do. Calm your nerves, relax, make it all go away. Feel it in your fingertips, at the very end of each strand of your hair. Breathe in, breathe out. Calm down. I’m always there for you.

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it was quick and dark, took everything in its path.
Spiralling towards an unknown abyss
Left nothing but destruction behind.

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Signals. They were signals. All of them. How hadn’t he noticed before? Signals, everywhere. That was what it all was. It all seemed so familiar suddenly… it was /her/, he hadn’t seen her in a while… a long while. Ever since she died… and now she was reaching out to him… through cold, moving objects, through paranormal activity. He suddenly was scared no longer.

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The flames licked at her body. It hurt. It really did. What was she to do? She had to think. Think damn it. Think. The girl tried to get away. But she couldn’t. Fire. There was fire everywhere. How had this happened? How had she ever gotten in this situation?

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of prom, being the top of my class, being the best. It is what i would like to be, give myself the opportunity to be the best and succed in what i want and be who i want to be.

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great better healthy love sun island new-york pacific south japan with you

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I am often afraid… Well let’s rather say I used to be afraid all the time. \but it seems pointless, because there are not that many scary things in this world… And if you don’t go jumping off windows, then there’s nothing to be afraid about. Fear is the enemy of change and comfort… Don’t be afraid, it will be ok…

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the night as dark as light, as light as all the colors. As opposites that contrast, that compliment, that erase, that love each other. And just one lantern, in space, floating, being.

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i laugh.
you laugh.

makes me miss you when you’re not here.

we sense ourselves and know ourselves in laughter
laugh more

and you will be happy.

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I haven’t actually yet passed my practical driving test, which is very annoying, and even when I do I won’t be able to affor a car, so that’s even more annoying. Anyway, I’m sure one day driving will be very useful for me, but at the moment I’m just enjoying being a pedestrian and going placed by train.

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She was given the last chance and with it came a blue, oldies car. Not a masterpiece classic, but a crap-filled, dog-shit smelling mess. She took it with pride and drove it all over town. It was in it that she had her first kiss – with her first love. They were married on Tuesday.

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The black smoke billowed past me as I ran to catch the train. It left swiftly as my feet stumbled and I fell, but I looked up to find him watching me. As he helped me up, I embraced him and cried, “I’m sorry. Please don’t leave.”

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I ran toward him with my arms wide open and he smiled. All he did was smile. My body reached his and he clamped his arms around me and embraced me as if it were the last time we’d ever see each other again.

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Her mother beamed at her and smiled. It was that same smile that spoke the words, “I will name her Beloved.” And from then on, she enjoyed her name. All of the kids on the playground had names like Ted and Samantha, but Beloved was extra special and she will always remember the day her mother died for her.

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It was a sad procession down the aisle. It wasn’t how he imagined he’d walk his daughter on her “special” day at all. Tears glided from his eyes to his graying beard, a sign that stress had hit him with an extreme blow.

» Posted By Nathalie On 06.11.2011 @ 2:21 pm

It was a sad procession. Her father led her down the aisle – but not the way he had imagined 20 years ago when she was a wee baby. Tears dripped down his face meeting with the white of his beard indicating the stress he had been struck with.

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I painted a sky of blue. At least, that’s what I think he said. Yes, I can hear him now quite clearly… He says the sky is made of an interesting and excited hue of aqua – almost as beautiful as its brother the sea. That’s just what God said. To me.

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i use my backpack when i go in missions, i travel all over the world, on adventures! i keep all the necessities inside- like dora the explorer and boots!

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I’m tempted to message you on facebook and tell you how i truly feel about you. Whenever i see you, i’m tempted to kiss and hug you all over again. I’m tempted to ask you out but i don’t want to scare you away.

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The concentration camp. It was probably blurry because the lack of food had caused her some level of blindness in her eyesight. There wasn’t much pleasant things around to see anyways. She looked up at the sky hoping for the Almighty to move the curtains of heaven and show her some sign that He was looking upon her suffering.

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There once was a man who stayed at home in his decrepit basement and rumors went around his neighborhood. They said he was mad. But really, he was building a robot. Then one day, the man stepped out from his man cave and revealed his invention! Except – he WAS the robot…

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I’m determined. I want him. I love him. I know he wants me too, but he doesn’t talk about it. One day, I’ll get him. Just have to collect the 2000 euro his owner asks for him. And then I’ll finally have my Chanel bag.

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They buzz harmoniously in circles, in zig-zags.
The are Far more productive than myself
My favorite color is on them.
How Lovely

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Bright, painful, toasty, warm, green

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It was my first shot of whiskey. The taste was awful and I felt completely sinful for allowing it in my system. My innocence was becoming drunk. Was I drunk? I was so naive. So this was the monster that took him over…

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she wears a maid outfit, dusts and brings your supper,
Neil said a man needs a maid.
She’s a bit of a fetish,
Men dream about her outfit,
She doesn’t get tired.

» Posted By Nathalie On 07.27.2010 @ 4:03 pm

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