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She was quite fond of his stories. Stories which he chose to tell her at very particular times, as if he had been planning it for months. That is what makes a person. A person consists of his stories, if nothing else.

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Someone is at the door, but we aren’t going to answer. Somebody is persistently knocking and not going away. That’s quite alright. We hide under the covers and hold our breath and smile like children under a table.

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I tried to hold your hand. I tried so hard, but I could not grasp your slender fingers. As they your hands slipped out of mine, I felt the whole world slipping through my fingers. I felt that I was losing you, and I cried out, waking myself up in a cold sweat.

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What is the matter with you? I asked the blond, shivering figure. Why are you tired? Why are you sad? Are you lonely?

It’s nothing, he replied. I’m fine. I’m just resting my head for a minute.

But we need to go! I told him. We need to go, our time is coming to an end.

He sighed and stood up.

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its a things which arounds you usually when youre in buildings. it can have different colours.

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She wanted space. She was determined to let go. She was fragile and quiet and hurt but she did not let on. He never knew why she left, why one day she just disappeared and never returned. He never figured it out and it drove him mad.

» Posted By Nastya On 12.12.2012 @ 1:56 pm


We need love. We need hugs and we need to be with people. But then we need to be alone. We drink coffee and fall in love with words. We find ourselves in music. Walk the city streets.

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He wandered around the fields and followed the path that wove through the trees and thought of his childhood. Arms were heavy and his breath was light and misty in the cold.

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All of the houses looked like squares. They were not square in shape, they were square in color and character. Quite unfriendly and foreign. I did not feel at home and I did not feel welcomed. I wanted to leave.

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As much as I abhor the college process, and as unbearably tedious as it seems to me, I must say I am looking forward to nothing in life quite as much as leaving my home for one of these institutions.

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time, realasation, hard, a lot of plans, diets, reading, list, expectations

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its always yellow, fuck yeah

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the only thing i can say about this word, is that i like this word

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its not as simple sometimes as you think about it

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