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The teacher glared down her nose.

“You are dismissed,” she repeated.

Tim couldn’t believe his ears. He stared back, incredulous, then slumped his shoulders in defeat and shuffled away, trying to ignore the sound of children’s laughter following him out of the classroom.

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The generator spurted out of life. Glints of eyes stared back at him in fear. Darkness consumed them. He felt frantically for a lighter, match, phone, anything that would provide vision again. Nothing.

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He stared at the box, glaring, willing it to move itself. Admitting that it would do no such thing, he took a deep breath and knelt down to attempt to lift it one more time. With all the energy he could muster he pulled up with his arms and legs, and yet still the box would not budge.

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A blast of cold air engulfed her, nearly knocking her off her feet. She stared in horror through the open door at the cooler within, fearing what she’d find, knowing she had to move forward. She walked cautiously through, glancing to the left and the right, and found…nothing. The cooler was empty. Shelves were cleared of all boxes, hanging racks were holding rope but nothing more.

A bang behind her caused her to jump and spin. A shadowy figure glared at her from the window of the now closed door before dashing out of sight.

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The emptiness threatened to swallow her whole. All the fears of failure, the realization that everything she had worked towards was a lie, that she had nothing to base her future on. That loss of hope and faith in success or even survival.

She had nothing.

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The gallery was white and simple, big empty walls with big, modern pieces. The pieces themselves were interesting, not the kind of “modern art” people question as “art.” But the white, the gaps, the quiet people meandering through, created a sense of absolute emptiness. Loneliness.

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When Oscar and became friends I was too shy to even realize he liked me. After we went on our first date three years later I initially said I wasn’t interested in a second date, but somehow we couldn’t help but do something we had never really done before – flirt. To the point where my friend pulled me aside and asked what was going on. Clearly I had a crush. And soon we were actually dating.

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there is a path that I need to follow. I keep diverging off of it. I hate myself for it. This is not the life I want. But I’m afraid of what will happen if I attempt to not fail.

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is fulling lacking in this situation.

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