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Sampson always has the best of shoes. Recently his shoes broke in the souls and he had to get new ones. Being that he lives in the year 200 B.C. new shoes are hard to come by and he went barefoot for some time. During that time his heels became cut and he needed to heel his walking until his heels had healed.

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Approach Roach was a insect of a dastardly nature. He used his disgusting figure to drive people away from him and take their things. Of course this was only how the people saw it. In actuality he was trying to introduce himself and took their items because he wanted to give them back. Approach Roach lived a terrible life, after all, what kind of life can someone live if they constantly drive others away?

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“Policies about all sorts of nonsense.”
“That’s what you get for being a congressman, you have to make the tough decisions.”
“I just didn’t think I’d have to choose between a new season of Firefly or Doctor Who.”

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“Why would you give me four pieces of pie I only wanted two?”
“If I gave you two it would be the same as eating the whole thing what don’t you get about object conservation?”
“I don’t want a whole pie I only want two halves!”

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David Bowie was no fool when it came to the dark arts. Only one as skilled as he could travel the vast expanse of space and return to Earth with no harm to himself. Transformers were his favourite toy and he now he would change his shape like them. Shapes of all number of sides and corresponding holes fluttered in his mind, but he knew the one he wanted would have no corners, he would be a circle!

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He fled as fast and as far as his legs would take him. His pursuers would hound him until they reached Hell itself. He knew not why they chased them him so, he only knew he would always be wanted.

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I fruquently try to get things done but I never finishe what I start. I have to find a wahy to ge things done otherwise my life has been a wasteland. I don’t know what is the matter, but I have always have this problem. Is there a way that I can change this habit that has crippled my life. I don’t know

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