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He swerved the car and drove like a maniac. The time was ticking and he was constantly worried whether he will be able to make it or not.His thoughts swerved between present and past as he drove the car in the mad traffic. It started drizzling and suddenly turned into torrents. The traffic cleared a bit with two wheeler keeping off the road, but he could hardly see and he had to drive carefully. Tears came gushing down his cheeks like the rain outside.

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He was perplexed. He arrived thinking she would be there, but the house was empty. Her things were thrown all around the house, giving him a benefit of doubt. She might be in danger he thought. But, she was at ease when she called him, inviting him for a cup of coffee to discuss the prospective business proposal.

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He was loading the sacks of rice into the truck. His mind was wandering like the people in the street. His daughter was unwell. With his minimal wages he can’t afford to take her to the doctor for her treatment.

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As I recover from the persistent cold, the normalcy comes back. There will be less screaming at the kids, the insane layers of clothing will be back to their home.

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Sarita said to shekhar “why don’t you take a long walk on the beach?”. Long walks reminded both of them the time they spent taking long walks during college. Memories came flooding Saritha and Shekhar’s minds.

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we were rebels at school almost fighting head to head not physically though. I am seeing her almost after 20 years.

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