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Musing over her possible capture, Patti-belle shook her head and smiled. “Y’all ’bout t’ wish you never laid eyes on me.” she drawled, spinning her poisoned blade in one hand, before burying it in her target’s heart.

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Rolling, crashing booming across the sky. It frightens me, and I hide from the onii playing their drums outside my window. Their thundermusic is too loud, too strong for me to handle, and I cower beneath a shield of blankets.

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He moved silently along the rooftop, guns drawn. Nearby, the Doctor watched intently. “His skeleton upgrades were successful…good.” he murmured to himself…just as Six’s body crumpled in a heap, reinforced bones poking through the joints of his body at odd angles. “…”

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violet skies assaulted my mind and i fell back to think of you. the field didn’tcouldn’t catch/hold me and i kept falling. you, youyouyou and i was gone. clouds bore no witness and flowers turned away.

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The magaphone rested limply in his hands, his blank eyes staring blindly out the window. The rest of the band was engaged in activities of various degrees of debauchery, but 2D’s drug-addled brain would only allow him a contemplative stare outside.

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The head was held aloft, like a grisly trophy, until Izuru came back to himself and sheathed his weapon. He looked the decapitated monster’s body over with faint disgust, and whispered “You can’t despair any more.” before heading back to his captain.

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A thin wreath of smoke curled sinuously around Vino’s head as his blank white eyes adjusted to the horrors around him. He politely removed the cigarette from his mouth to greet the Old Ones gathering in his mind.

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A bow was drawn up tight around the “younger” man’s neck. “Hmmm…” Vino mused. “I don’ think this kinda tie is your thing, it ain’t even in style no more…” “What are you talking about, bow ties are cool…” Angel said a bit petulantly, fingering the smooth knotted fabric.

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Heat spread through him like a plague, his body was being carefully torn apart, his head was in agony, and o p e n i n g…….. “Six, wake up. We have work to do.” The Doctor’s voice brought him out of sleep mode.

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He chewed a straw idly between his teeth, looking his opponent up and down. Shunsui didn’t want to hurt the kid, would much rather drink some sake and have a few laughs with him instead. “Ah well, here we go.” the captain sighed, drawing his two swords.

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“But what could he mean, “get out of town”? Like…leave the city?” Vino wondered. Anubis gave him an incredulous look. “Your intelligence astounds me sometimes, dear. Yes, we need to get out of New York.”

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“I wasn’t expecting you.” the Egyptian god sneered. “Yeah? Sorry ta dissappoint, pally, but I’m here. And I’m draggin you outta Angel, capiche?” Anubis chuckled.

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Angel fingered the stem of the wineglass as he waited, impatiently (still, after so many nights), for Vino to come home. After glaring at the door for the last quarter-hour or so, it finally opened, and the hitman stepped inside with a smile, discreetly removing his bloodied white gloves and stuffing them in his pocket, greeting his spouse with an affectionate smile.

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A crane swung dangerously overhead as the two men walked on the streets beneath. “It’s finally being torn down.” Angel said with dismay. That was the apartment where he’d fallen in love with Vino, it pained him to watch it be destroyed.

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It was freely given, the man’s love was. But Chane couldn’t decide if she was meant to take it. All she had in this world was her father, but that was enough. her father said he’d…her father always had…he’d never. He’d never said it, said that he’d loved her.

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“The cells in my body are…what was it, Doctor?” “Old. Too old to function. He should be dead, but as you can see, that’s not the case.” The man frowned at the mechanic-surgeon. “Well, let’s take a look inside!” she said resolutely, opening up her case of operating instruments.

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Full of belief in himself, the young conductor fell carelessly off the train, only to swing himself back up again, landing in a cheeky “ta-da” pose.

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He stood atop the train, soaked in blood, a friendly smile on his face. “Ah…I love mornings.” he mused, watching the sun rise as sharp cold wind blew past him. The land burned around him, and Claire watched.

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He embraced his empty-headed robot boy. “Doctor…what’s wrong with me leaving?” Six asked. “…that I have to watch you do it.” Templar replied, not meeting the android’s black eyes. “Go. He’s waiting for you…”

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The cool marble of the bench was comforting to her. Much warmer, it seemed, than the mausoleum she had walked out of moment before. Blinking in the sweet dawn light, the girl took her first steps back to life, back to the one who took it away.

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“Charge it.” the don explained, without another word. “W-what?” Vino asked. “We can’t have that many resources…” “Vino.” Giuseppe interjected. “Remember who you’re speaking to. We control over half the city. Do as you’re told.”

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A soft fragrance drifted through the window. I fidgeted in my chair. It was past midnight…was she really going to show? The glass creaked, and I scented her perfume, filling the air. Yes, that coy smirk, twin daggers glinting in the moonlight…the assassin was here to collect me.

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“Augh!” he threw a wrench at the wall in frustration. “What’s wrong?” Six asked, tiptoeing over to where the mechanic sat. “It’s just…it’s nothing, Six.” Wyr seethed, running gloved hands through his dirty blond hair.

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“Gimmee a boost here!” the little clown shouted over the gunfire. Henchman or not, I wanted to help. I placed my hands under her feet, propelling her over the short wall.

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My life is one, big dark room…at least, that’s what the girl said.I didn’t see it. Fascinating, elegant, but dark? I loved her then, but could no longer. If she would just let a little sun in at her window,, the pictures wouldn’t have developed quite so well.

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