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Shells rained down, shrieking like an army of banshees. Christian hunkered down in the trench, arms covering his neck, and cursed Angel for talking him into this madness. In fact, everything ever in his life was basically Angel’s fault, he’d decided.

The shells hit, exploded. Dirt rained down. Men screamed.

And then the mustard gas.

Christian fumbled for his mask. He didn’t really need it, would sacrifice it to a comrade if necessary, but then his secret would be out. He wasn’t human.

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“Shelter to the left, soup kitchen to the right, warm alley full of usable cardboard boxes straight ahead. Welcome to North O.” Joey smiled and swept one hand out.

The grand tour was brief and depressing, but I had no home now, so I was going to take what I could.

“Pick a spot and fight off anyone who tries to claim it,” Joey said.

“What if they got there first?”

“It’s yours now.”

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Festival, I’d like to go to the festival, I wish I could go to the festival —

Danny threw a shoe at the television. Scarlett turned around and glared at him.

“I was watching that,” she said.

He grunted and returned to his programming homework. “You’re too young and stupid for Sondheim. And you’re too young to be Cinderella – you should be Red Riding Hood.”

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Form follows function. So the professors kept saying. The thing was, a bottle had such a basic function that the form was destined to be boring. Kelis sighed and picked up the bottle on her workbench. There was no way she could sell it.

She glanced over her shoulder, checked no one was looking, and scooped up a handful of sand. Then she took a deep breath, deep past her lungs, and exhaled.

She breathed fire.

And the sand turned to glass.

She started shaping it in her hands.

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“Stable!” Hannah shouted.

No one replied.

She cast a glance over her shoulder, and then the lights overhead went out. Hannah took a deep breath, waited. The hospital had backup generators. The lights would come back on.

Any moment now.

The ER was suddenly, impossibly, silent.

“Hello?” Hannah asked.

The man on the gurney sat up.

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Building a Mystery. Her former roommate’s favorite song to describe the relationship she’d had with their other former roommate’s ex-boyfriend. But Davey’s posturing about being alluring, mysterious, otherworldly, and whatever crap he tried to pull to charm the ladies was a lie.

When Valerie was lying next to Daniel in a tent at the foot of Mayan ruins, listening to him scream in his sleep, she knew she had a real mystery on her hands.

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Prosperous, we are, Dad would always say around Thanksgiving. And we’d look at the one crusty, little turnip, the handful of too-small potatoes, and the half-starved turkey, and we’d nod and agree.

Because we were all together, all alive and all limbs accounted for, and we didn’t weep over graves on Memorial Day.

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Romantic was the wrong word for the setting. Daniel would have gone with creepy, if the way the girl was smiling and brandishing a steak knife was any clue. Admittedly, she was wearing a pretty red dress and had bright blue eyes, but the blood dripping from her hand was another bad sign.

“So, maybe I rang the wrong doorbell,” he said, and he swore he’d never let T and the boys set him up on a blind date again.

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Existence. Existentialism. On Prom Night. The only decent song she could play on the piano, and it always reminded her of him – his smile, his voice, the way he laughed.

The way the light in his eyes faded as the rain washed over him through the shattered windshield.

The way she didn’t have enough breath in her body to whisper a goodbye.

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Adam Ant. A travesty. But Jason kept sending her YouTube links to his old videos. She smiled and then cringed as soon as his back was turned. She had important things to do, life-saving things. Things she could never tell anyone about.

That was what “top secret” meant.

She only wished she could tell him the truth about Adam Ant, too, but some things were too difficult to believe. Like Adam Ant was actually an alien.

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“That’s an offer I can’t refuse,” Max said, and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t listen to him,” Daniel said. He was slumped in the corner, clutching broken ribs. “I refused it.”

On the other side of the bars, their captor tapped her riding crop across the palm of her hand and considered shrewdly. Who could she break next?

Her gaze fell on the slender, blond one in the corner.

“Guards? Bring me that one.”

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“The transport vessel will be here any moment.” Tamet prodded the nearest prisoner, who flinched and then glared at her with startlingly violet eyes.

“We’ll never see this rabble again.” Sikhu huffed, relieved.

Tamet knew he was thinking of the rubble in the main city, all that remained from the rebellion.

She knew he didn’t know she’d been one of the first to open fire.

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“You missed!” Joey jeered.

Sam sighed, reloaded, and took aim again. Sure, his ego needed a little stroking. Help him feel better, Colonel Jackson had said. Let him think he’s competent.

That wasn’t the same as letting him think she was incompetent, was it?

Apparently, to Joey, it was.

She fired.

She missed.

Joey laughed some more.

She remembered when he didn’t even know how to smile, and she missed again.

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Deer in headlights. That’s what most people called it. Anna liked to call it “unprepared in front of the judge.” For lawyers, the effect was about the same.

She despised the sensation herself. “You see, your honor.” She pushed her glasses up her nose. “This is in alternative for a motion and citation for contempt. Both parties are technically in contempt, but my client’s noncompliance is a result of the defendant’s.”

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There were answers in exhaustion. If she stopped caring about what other people cared about, if she stopped harassing herself about their opinions and criticisms and just looked at the problem, bare-bones and from the ground up, she could see the answers.

Exhaustion was the key.

If she worked hard enough, fast enough, long enough, she would come home to satori.

Wouldn’t Pound and Eliot be pleased.

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You’re driving me insane. He didn’t say it, just kept his hands on the wheel and tightened his jaw when she clicked through the contents of his iPod again, likely searching for whatever preposterousness his roommates had loaded onto it when his back was turned.

As soon as Lady Gaga flooded, the car, he felt his stomach lurch, but then she was tossing her said and singing along enthusiastically, so he let it go.

He couldn’t believe his brother was marrying this girl.

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The bulb was frail, cracking, dry. She cupped her hands around it gently and called for James. He skittered into the kitchen with a freshly prepared pot, all wet, dark soil and a smattering of stones, a snail to keep the new plant company once its shoots started to reach for the sunlight.

Who knew what it was going to grow into.

Just something beautiful.

That much she knew.

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“Lock, stock, and barrel.”

“Are we talking about the same thing?” Angela looked up from the lock she was picking.

Joey was peering down the barrel of a shotgun with the air of a competent gunslinger, cowboy, or perhaps redneck. “We sure are, sugar.”

“I’m not food,” Angela said, and felt the tumblers give beneath the picks. Excellent. “Put the gun down. Your mom was a pacifist. Now come on – that safe is waiting.”

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“I want to speak to your manager.”

The words she always dreaded hearing. Too bad the honest answer was, “No, you don’t really want to, because he’s an incompetent prat.” She said, instead, as she’d duly been trained, “Mr. Bryant is out of the office, but I am qualified to handle your complaint.”

“This was filed wrongfully -”

“Let me see the signature on it?”

Naturally, it was Mr. Bryant’s.

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“Are we on the level, then?” Patrick asked.

Sean glanced left, glanced right, spit on his palm. He held his hand out. “On the level.”

Patrick spat on his own hand, and they shook. A bit of skin and saliva, the right words, and they were partners for the duration of the operation, and even if they hated each other, they would live – and die – for each other.

“Now grab your gear and let’s get this show on the road.”

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The room was boiling. Literally. She was sure of it. There was steam on the mirrors, and she was pretty sure steam was rising from her skin, and the air was rancid with the scent of sweat and exertion.

And she still couldn’t get this stupid arm bar right.

“It’s all about subtle movement,” Sensei said again, which wasn’t much of an explanation at all.

But she said, “Yes sir,” and tried the hold again.

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She rooted around in the trunk, sneezed whenever she dislodged another dust-covered relic of Uncle Rama’s past.

“What are you looking for?” Gabriel asked.

“His old Revolutionary War musket, actually.”

“His — ” Gabriel goggled. “If he keeps it in that old trunk, it probably doesn’t exist anymore.”

“You’d be surprised. Old things were made to last.”

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Cigarettes, chocolate milk, and a tin of baked beans. This was what he’d worked for, fought for, the independent life, free of his parents’ nagging and rules, of their stuffy house with its warm, comfy beds and always-full fridge and blissful lack of rent.

Yeah, this was the life.

It was what he’d always wanted.


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Etiquette. Easy to be angry at, and even easier to forget.

Her hand hovered over the mouse. To send or not to send? Everyone else cracked jokes with the client about opposing counsel, and the client was willing to crack jokes with her, but…what if cranky OPC found out?

She wanted to be funny. She did. And she was tired of OPC’s crankiness.

But…better safe than sorry. Etiquette over fun it was.

She deleted a sentence and then pressed send, and got on with her life.

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The last straw. In her hat. Which had been thoroughly chewed by her sister’s monster of a pet bulldog. A French bulldog, no less, which made it snobbish and cruel, to have destroyed her lovely straw hat.

And it was the last straw.

She picked him up, all fifty pounds of him, and hauled him toward the back door. He hung limply like a tonne of bricks, and she deposited him in the garden.

“No supper for you!”

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Expecting. It was such a stupid euphemism. The fact was, they weren’t just expecting…nothing. They were expecting trouble. Financial hardship, for a start. And not just nine months of Emma being grouchy and pregnant and sick all over the place. The looks on their mothers’ faces, and how quiet their dads would get – why were their parents so alike? And everyone cooing over them and offering advice.

They were expecting…a whole new life.

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The gold braid on his jacket was obnoxious, and if the entire country and half of the rest of the world owning televisions weren’t watching, he’d have torn it off. He was strong enough and likely quick enough, but in the grand scheme of things a bit of terrible fashion was worth suffering if it meant he didn’t get yelled at after the ceremony was over.

Surely being a modern prince meant he got to wear something…normal on his wedding day, right?

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“If I were being honest – ”

“Which implies, right now, that you’re being rather the opposite –”

Tony glared. “As I was saying, it is my professional opinion that the witness is, er -”

“A hairdresser and a ditz?” Anna said.

The judge leveled a glare over the top of his glasses. “Co-counsel…”

On the stand, Carissa looked distinctly insulted. Tony sighed. This wasn’t how he’d planned on spending his birthday.

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He waded out toward the deeper end of the pool, careful of the jagged rocks that could cut the soles of his feet and send blood swirling into the water, bring the sharks toward him.

It was one stupid ring flung in the heat of a stupid argument, and he had to find it, wanted to find it, wanted to tell her he was sorry and he had meant to ask her, that the ring really was for her —

Teeth sank into his ankle and pulled.

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The crush of the waves drove the breath from her lungs, forced her lips to part and let water rush in to fill her lungs. She kicked her legs as hard as she could, but her head was spinning, and she couldn’t see, couldn’t hear. She knew the ship was splintering somewhere to her left, that Eric had been flung into the water, the Simon and Uriel were going to die, but she couldn’t breathe.

So she closed her eyes and let herself sink.

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