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As the ship peered over the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, the crew awoke from a deep slumber. The sun’s glare shone over the planets horizon, and its beauty welcomed the crew from their tedious journey.

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She had stepped outdoors. The streets were empty and lifeless. She looked from left to right, and then with a small pat of her foot, she made her way to the edge of the sidewalk. Although mostly quiet, there seemed to be a small racket going on across the street. A wealthy family was bickering amongst one another as they boarded packages (tailored shirts? dresses? gifts?) into the back of their automobile.

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nothing left everything pouring out endless streams of materials in formof sand deserts upon deserts flowing down through quicksand holes into the center of the molten earth…purifying the soul, cleansing, showering, being reborn.

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The most delicious fruit of all time, in my opinion at least. Found in beautiful tropical places, coming to a faraway place bringing its tropical flavors. Absolutely delicious I cannot begin to explain it.

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Sometimes i sneak it late at night when no one knows. I feel guilty. It makes me guilty. Yet, SO addictive. Impossible to avoid. Deliciously persuasive. Should be locked away.

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He is so shallow. The way he interprets objects and people is so different from the way I used to interpret him.

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There was evidence sitting behind the door, it was on the windowsill, the edge of the bathtub. She stretched her legs in bed and rolled over to find the woman she was with was up and pacing the room. A new experience for her.

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