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that’s something which is true, but sometimes, what is real for someone isn’t for someone else. Also, It mights be real only in your head, then you do think it is, but in fact is not.

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“The adviser” is what everybody called him, he just realized he couldnt know what to do in his own life, it just so happens he had no advice for this case. ¿And you know? its ok, he’d had to learn how to improvise.
She walked in, all cliché, red lips, huge eyes and all. He stands up and starts walking touwards her.

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Distance is painful. It parts people from things they love. Things they want. When you drive, you have that feeling of progression. There is a destination. But a wise person once said, happiness isn’t the destination, it’s the journey. So why don’t you pick up those car keys, and go for a pointless drive and enjoy the simple feeling of moving forward?

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I know I have failed. I didn’t plan to fail though. Who does? I can’t say it doesn’t hurt to let myself down again. But at least, I still have the possibility to fail again. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

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there’s a market down the road that i have never been to. i have lived on this street for twenty years, walked the entirety of its length since i could walk, but i have never been to the market.
the devil sells souls in that market.

» Posted By Myriam On 11.14.2010 @ 10:22 am

i went to the market thinking it would be a regular day.
i bought my apples and pears, my greens and reds, completely unaware of what was ahead of me. unfortunately, my nemesis was lurking behind my front door when i came home. “ahoy!” he said, cackling madly. “oh no!” i said. “what ever are you doing here?”

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