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If it was up to Ferocius DeSoto, the planter would have just fallen on the ground next to him, rather than landing at the right angle on top of his head. He did not like the feeling of having a planter full of dirt smash onto his head and presently he was looking up, wondering from where it came.

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In life sales men come to my door and convince me that my life would be better with the opinion of materialism.greedy hands eventuslly get full and drop what they first reached for as a child

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Something warm in the winter weather but sometimes worn as a accessory. Most of them pretty and the winter ones furry and warm looking. Bright colors are best in winter to brighten up a dreary winter day.

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Across the world, he had said. To all corners, to all horizons, between nations we could never envision. We would earn fame, riches and women, transforming from drunken louts into respectable lords.

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