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The event of that evening would not be found in any of the history books that would be written through the years. The event of that evening would die with the generation that lived it and experienced it, their lips sealed tight, their faces grim, and their wills determined to bring the secret with them to their graves. The event of that evening would fade away with time, just as it should, such an awful event, such an awful evening. It was for the best if it was just forgotten. The event of that evening.

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Be polite. Be kind and behave. Watch your manners. You’re a lady so act like one. This is the prince we’re talking about after all. Smile. Giggle. Bat your eyelashes. This might be your only chance.

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Her hair, was as red as fire, her eyes, blue as the sea, her skin, white as snow, her lips, soft red like a rose. He lovingly caressed her porcelain face and then put her down on a shelf, right in between an exotic doll with skin like chocolate and almond eyes, and a tomboyish albino with a sullen face. Yet another beautiful young lady for his collection…
One lone tear trickled down the soft curve of her face and he smiled with sadistic glee as he realized that she was struggling to move her porcelain body that had once been flesh and blood. He laughed a clear bright laugh and left the room. Time to look for more beautiful young ladies to add to his collection.

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Her eyelashes were adorned with the tiniest rubies that sparkled in the sunlight like glitter. Her lips curved upwards in a vague arrogant smirk that brought out the cold green in her eyes. She was beautiful. And cruel. It was love at first sight.

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She strung them along, all of the men she took an interest in. She wrapped them up in her little finger with ease, with just a charming little laugh and a wink, a toss of her glamorous hair. She barely had to try and they were there, always there, ready to serve, help, comfort, love. She had all she wanted and didn’t bother to set them free even when she wasn’t using them.

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Blood was spilled, hearts were broken, families were torn apart. So what? Same old, same old. Their grief didn’t matter, their suffering, their pain, it didn’t matter in the least. Frankly, he couldn’t care less. She was all that mattered. As long as she was happy all was right with the world, even if it was burning and everyone else was screaming. As long as she laughed amongst the screams everything was as it should be.

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He cast it. He cast It away, It wasn’t her any more. It wasn’t her, it wasn’t Rachel, It wasn’t strawberries scented bright red hair, It wasn’t picnics in the park any more, it wasn’t the love of song or dancing in the rain any more. It wasn’t her, she was gone, leaving only this husk of foul, horrible… SOMETHING behind for him to grieve over. She was gone and this shell of lies was all that was left. He cast It away.

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The catapult was fired. Rocks fell from the sky and the screams echoed in his ears and he resisted the urge to cover them, to stop listening. He couldn’t appear cowardly. He had to appear as brave as possible, for his mother’s sake if anything. He heard a sickening crunch and couldn’t help but flinch. He hoped no one saw.

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