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She didn’t know why she was selected to be the hall monitor. She was quiet, and kept to herself, and quiet too often got lost in the sea of people she went to school with. The bright orange vest didn’t make her any less lost in the sea of her peers. She realized at that moment that she could do whatever she wanted, and no one would notice. She was invisible.

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She could hear the voice coming from faintly down the hall. She couldn’t quite make out whether it was a little boy, or a little girl. The pre-pubescent voice rang in her ears, echoing loudly. She picked up her pace, she knew that the voice was distressed based on the tone. But what could she possibly do to aid the child? They were coding, and she was an intern to terrified to move. She backed up, retreating into the supply closet.

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It wasn’t like there was anything for her there at the base anymore. Six years, and she still felt nothing. Part of her felt as if she was using the program for her education. But she didn’t know if she even wanted the education anymore. What difference did it make? She’d shot them. For what? For nothing, she shot all of those innocent people for an education. Was it worth it? She wasn’t sure, then again she wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

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