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“Okay class, stand up straight and stretch! Act like you’re pulling a rope down from the ceiling. Flex! Reach, reach!” Alexandra stuck her hands in the air but, instead of waving them like she just didn’t care, acted as if she was reaching for a rope suspended from the ceiling. It was a change, she had to admit.

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I suggested going to the park instead of a movie. The weather was good for a picnic and maybe flying a kite. He wasn’t happy but he went along with it. I could see him trying not to have fun but it was hard to keep from smiling. Good food, good weather and a good time. How can you hate that?

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I staked out a good seat, one in line with the departure board for my flight. I had never missed a plane but I was still nervous. A girlfriend of mine missed her flight once and had to go through all kinds of b.s to catch the next one.

Since I was running away from everything, I needed to get away before anyone missed me.

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The Fiona Apple song “Criminal” played over the loud speaker in the store. Jae stopped to take some deep breaths. She was trying not to sweat but a song playing about the risks involved in what she was doing was making her shake even more. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Stan give the signal. Jae pulled the ski mask down over her face, pulled out her gun and moved toward the counter.

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“Charge!” Jon yelled as the group ran down the hill. Of course, being a bunch of overweight, not-all-that-young re-enactors, instead of real soldiers in their prime, there was a lot of huffing and puffing along the way.

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Monifa was tired, all of the time, and beyond tired of being tired. She tried her primary care doctor, and a chiropractor and massage therapists of different kinds. Someone had suggested a holistic doctor. She shuffled up to the office door, fearful but wondering what did she have to lose.

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His name was Basil and of course he was British. Did he have a sister named Rosemary? Was he names for the character on Fawlty Towers? It was such as odd name, from her American point of view. But he had good teeth and none of the negative stereotypes of the English.

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I ran through the woods, ignoring the pain from the branch swipes hitting my face. There was a light ahead of me. Crouching, trying to still my breathing, I saw a log building, too big to be called a cabin. It was a lodge. I bounded forward but stopped. Was it safe? I couldn’t tell and I couldn’t afford to be wrong.

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Marie shuffled along the hall to her room. She curled her upper lip to shut out the smells – urine, boiled meat and perfume. She couldn’t remember how she got here, in this mausoleum of old people. It seemed to be her future.

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Between the Windows program on her computer and the windows of the high-rise that she was working in, Sara thought that she would go mad. The computer was slow and she had the feeling that someone was watching her from outside. But that couldn’t be; she was on the 25th floor. She was imagining it. But the hair still stood up on her arms and the back of her neck.

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Jo slept badly, tossing and turning all night. She was alone, and since Steve moved in she had trouble sleeping without him. He would be gone for a long while. He was deployed in one of the ‘Stans, she couldn’t remember which one.

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“Look, I missed seeing the sign! I was walking, looking straight ahead, like I usually do. I didn’t see anything that said ‘Beware.’ As soon as I got past the doorway, I heard the growling. I figured that it was a dog. The last thing that I expected was a werewolf. How was I supposed to know that they were real?” How was I supposed to know that they had a support group for new Lycanthropes?

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Keisha laughed and told Wanda, “Hey, no fair, I’m giving up men for Lent!” They left the building by the loading door; Keisha jumped off of the dock onto the asphalt lot while Wanda walked down the steps. They hadn’t gotten far before they heard the sirens and saw the flashing lights.

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“I defy you to find one thing wrong with him!” She shouted at me and I stood there, thinking of what to say. I could find many things wrong with him. He had no money, he was impulsive, he was too skinny. Most of all, I was in love with him too.

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He was my rival from first grade until we graduated from high school. He put a worm in my lunch box and I pulled his chair out from under him. Now, we’re at the hospital. Waiting for our first grandchild to be born.

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Although we are sisters, we have nothing in common. I’m a nerd and she’s street smart. I’m a navel-gazer and she never looks inside, ever. My joke is the only thing that we do have in common is parents. The other thing is love.

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We went down to the shore to talk. The sounds of the surf coming in and receding always made us feel relaxed. Since the conversation was going to be heavy, we needed the calm to keep us from erupting at each other.

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Merrie ran from her car, trying not to be late for her yoga class. “Whew, made it just in time!” She slipped in between two 20-somethings in the second row and started stretching. It was too late to get her husband back but being thinner and more limber might help to nab the next one.

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Milly sat down with a cold adult beverage and tried to relax. Thank God that the week was coming to an end. It had been long and challenging and a nice margarita was the way to unwind.

Being a hitwoman wasn’t as glamorous and she first thought.

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I’ve spent my life looking at the world through rose-colored lenses. I realize that now. I just never thought that Peter would leave me. Now everything that we worked for over the decades is in dust and I have to pick up and start over again.

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The footsteps sounding in the hall sounded unnaturally loud as they echoed in the empty building. She had been waiting, seemingly for years, for him to come. She dropped her coat and ran to him. It was always said that he had hooves but he was wearing wingtips. Of course his skin felt warm, it was hot were he lived. She took his hand and they walked out of the building, into the woods to the cave. The cave was cool but she could feel the heat as they got closer to the pit.

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“Calm down Jeff! I told you that I would do what I said I would. My word is my bond.” I took the saw and ran it under the garden faucet to clean off the gore. I silently cursed the promise that I made to help my stepbrother solve his marital problems.

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The moth was flitting around Maya’s head, she swatted at it lazily. There weren’t any lights on to draw it away from her so she had to deal with it trying to land on her cotton dress. If she wasn’t so sick, she would get up and turn on the single light bulb hanging above the bed.

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The baby shook the rattle and grinned in delight. Drool ran down her chin and a gurgle came from her chubby little tummy. The other end of the snake was harmless since I’d cut off it’s head.

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Marina stopped and leaning over, tried to catch her breath. She had run up a hill and jumped over a railing to a ramp up the side of a hill in the park near her house. She stopped to listen. Nothing. Leaning against the wall, she relaxed. A shadow blocked out the weak winter sun. “Hello, were you running from me?”

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I’m not trying to change, just be a better version of me. I can resolve to lose weight, stop smoking and be more patient with Bill and the kids, but let’s face it, I usually fail by March. I’m just going to be happy with who I am and with what I already do. I guess that’s a resolution to not have a resolution.

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We sat down at the red plastic table and drank our smoothies. The day was unseasonably cold but the sun warmed our skin. We talked about the house, the dog and the kids but we made sure to not talk about anything stressful. It hit me that maybe we should have met at the lawyer’s office instead.

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She walked into the room and slammed her things down on the table. She was upset, passed upset, at what he had done. She thought that they had an understanding but clearly his idea was that he would do what he wanted to and she would accept it no matter what. Well, she had something for him! He wouldn’t make that same mistake ever again.

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She said that her name was Candy but somehow I doubted that. She was young and pretty in a hard way. Her face was perpetually drawn into a scowl and her eyes were always narrowed. Candy was the name of a sweet girl but she was sour and cold.

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The structure was massive, concrete with windows high up on the façade of the building. She wondered what was inside. The leaders only let people know what they thought that they needed to know. Watching the troops march past the review stand, she pushed all disloyal thoughts away.

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