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She sat there at the computer but nothing would flow from her fingers. It was like her brain was on a stall. No thoughts, no dreams, no images. Nothing. She couldn’t even think of a silly Dr. Suess rhyme to type up. She was useless as a writer.

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She knew she needed to lose weight and she knew that the dietary guidelines required her to stick to a certain caloric intake but she would be damned if she was NOT going to have a piece of that chocolate cake today, and now because it was too tempting to just walk away.

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He was as excited as a drunken sailor on leave. Evan ran towards home like his life depended on it. He had to her how much he loved her and how much he needed her and he needed her to know this yesterday. Hopefully, it wasn’t too late.

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“Hand me a bottle of water, Jeff?” asked Mark.
Mark took a swig and then spit it out.
“What is this? It taste like you washed 400 pairs of athletic feet in this?”
Jeff said, “It’s mineral water. The finest in the area.”
“The finest in the area. Well, that must be the crappiest area within 500 miles.”

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The words flowed from her hands. She wrote and wrote as if she were playing a concerto on a piano. She couldn’t stop. It was as if all the emotions were pouring from her fingertips to the paper and she refused to cease this freedom from happening.

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She ran through the fields laughing with a school kid’s glee. She was euphoric. Her aura was a rainbow of colors, a kaleidoscope of flavors and she loved every moment of freedom that she had.

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The ran through the doors of the shopping mart like they were being chased by bulls. Karen grabbed any item that she felt would make the list – – skirts, shirts, vibrators, bean bags. Hell, it was a 69% clearance and she had to do what she could.

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The teacher droned on in metered tones discussing the fine differences between european coffee and Colombian coffee, as if any one cared. It was a history class for goodness sakes, not a guide to fine dining class for old farts.

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He ran through the forest ducking tree branches and trying to evade the briars that seemed to cover the forest floor. He knew he had to get away from the group and avoid being captured. He didn’t want to be another memory, another thought that disappeared.

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She laughed as the morning announcements were read. Parrot High School Election-o’rama. It was a parody to the Daily Show with John Stewart but this time they were talking about the student government presidential elections. And they were talking about her nemesis. . . that bitch, Kelly McGarrity.

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As she placed the vial in his hand she began to speak in a sultry voice, “Once she drinks this it will induce feelings of euphoria, of happiness and joy. Are you sure this is what you want to do at a time like this?”

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She stood there wondering what in the world was she buying. It was like she was offering her soul to the devil. But she gathered her wits about her, went up to the cashier and plunked the condoms down on the counter. “Oh, could I also have a pack of gum?” she asked.

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She wallowed in her misery like it was a fine wine She wallowed in her guilt like lotion. Rubbing it in until it could no longer be seen. but the worry, the guilt, the regret was still there.

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He sat there waiting . . . looking. Assessing the right moment to go to her. To look at her. To ask her. She seemed as if she were ready . . . eligible for the right man. Him.

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To travel to another state another time zone another country to just spin a globe and go where ever my heart desires. That is what I choose. That is what my heart desires. To spin upon an axis turning forever.

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As I sat crouched in the corner I listened to my son sing the song he learned from school, “School days, school days…” it was so sweet seeing him remember those lovely little words.

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I am concerned about life in general my parents, their health, my health, my future health, employment or lack thereof. I am concerned that my daughter isn’t adjusting like I did when I was in college but she isn’t me and she is probably doing just fine.

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