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we wher amazed when we saw hawai it was amazing we had so much fun

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 12.09.2010 @ 11:05 am


Little bunny jew jew hoping throw the forest.Bunny!!!!

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 12.03.2010 @ 10:54 am


we wher playing volly ball and i spiked the ball.

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 12.01.2010 @ 10:47 am


we made a diagram yesterday for science Xp.

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 11.29.2010 @ 11:49 am


the snow flakes wher wer falling it was christmas eve we opend one present then we fell asleep the next morning we opend all our presints.

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 11.23.2010 @ 10:57 am


science is a fun class we do all kinds of experaments we lern about earth qwacks and valcanos.

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 11.19.2010 @ 11:25 am


qwack qwack went the duck . flying and soring .i was hunting i spoted the duck and BOOM!!!!!! down went the duck.

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 11.17.2010 @ 11:18 am


my grand mother got my sister a reader for her birtday but she dosent us it so my mom told my grand mother and my grandma sead to give it to me.

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 11.08.2010 @ 11:00 am


we wer on the game family feud me my sister mom and dad we wher wining by a lot so as u can think it was exsiding we wher going to win a car.

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 11.04.2010 @ 11:51 am


the reason i was on stage was becous it was a ply. the play was about a old man and i was that old man i ws sopoe to be mean and cranky

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 11.02.2010 @ 11:46 am


we wher sailing thruwe the ocean alll my friends wher playong bear poong i dont know why or how but they wher.

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 10.29.2010 @ 11:47 am


a siren is coming bomes are faleng people are runing mom and i are very scared wonder if dad is ok we love him thers more sirens this is scary boom boom boma

» Posted By Mr.Smile On 10.27.2010 @ 12:08 pm

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