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The ship flew into the air like some archer ready to take down the elk that would feed his family for the next month and this was the last chance to keep them alive. Fire fucking flamed from it’s rear as if the sound it was thundering out wasn’t enough. HERE, it shouted, LOOK AT ME.

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His head was filled with the buzzing of bees and it filled the air, surrounded him, pressing in, pressing pressing until it was like he couldn’t breathe. The air was stifled, and his feet stumbled as they tried to move back back back, away from the suffocating presence of the insects and the buzzing buzzing moaning droaning noise in his ears. It wouldn’t stop.

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Oh god, Oh hod no I can’t do this again, I can’t go back to the place, where all the eyes were cold and the hands touched my body as if it wasn’t a body, just a teapot or maybe not even that just a banana skin they saw and the floor and decided to pick up because they hate littering. They don’t hate me, they don’t feel anything about me, they just hate the maker of me the cause. It hurts more than I think it should and I feel like I should maybe protest or hit or kick or scream or something, but oh god.
The man who is handling me now is large, but not too large. He fills up the space of a tiger and his eyes burn with this intensity, but still the glaze over when the pass me. I just wish there was someway that everything, all of this was different, that I was different, that it wasn’t like this.

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Oh. The soft rush of breath sweeps into my lungs like a violent wind throwing open the doors of a castle, laying siege to my body, stopping my brain. Oh. Oh, oh no, the wind swirled through the castle, gaining a friend, an ally, an additional nemesis to oppose me. I was going to die. Right here, right now, that was it, I was done for. He knew. There was no other word for it, he knew and I was going to die. The cake that had been so laboriously prepared was gone (eaten) and he knew. He knew who to blame. Oh, Oh no oh no oh no.

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Given the circumstances I was in, I was in no position to try and explain what I was doing. Coffee dripped down my shirt and flattering light brown, and I was in no mood to bring in the word also. Also I killed your dog. On accident. Please understand. My teeth clenched as I glared into her shocked and gold flicked eyes holding my breath. Scalded skin cried in protest as I made a faltering step back, then completely double took and ran.

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My eyes swept down to the burly wooden sandals at her feet, and my head bent in a bow. The cruel sting of a tazer zapped around my nerves, reminding me of who I was belonging to now. Godess of Light, of the thunder, of pain. My master.

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The bond of the fallen hung in my minds eye as I boarded the ship. I was severing all of my history. My people were back there, their eyes full of sorrow and suffering as the toiled in the fields. And here I was, a promise on my lips to bring them a sense of joy. Through me.

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How many times must my feet drag over these hard wooden floors, my muscles contract at the effort of the load. Who is the one responsible for this? Born at age 0 and sent to a camp that I had no control over

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Words of wisdom, of a woman with true experience echoed in my ears as I climbed this mountain of what seemed like no end. “Never forget your roots.” The words hit me like a brick as I realized the true meaning. She didn’t mean like my family, the people that formed who I am today. She literally meant roots. A crushing tearing ripping sound

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My eyes grew dull and lusterless as I trekked across the globe. My experiences were less extraordinary, less exciting, less really anything. I felt as if I was walking around in a shell of a ghost

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The harsh light penetrated through the clouds and hit my face in a burst of heat. The lord of the house was a cruel man, subjecting me to this punishment. I has only stolen a carrot, a carrot to feed my beautiful, my soon to be prize winning bunny. He was growing weak, his fur losing it’s luster, his eyes dulling to

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My body was placed in such an odd angle that breathing was becoming difficult at this point and sharp cramps were beginning to form in my stomach. Was it really worth all of this, hiding away in a box as if that would solve all of my problems? Was grand father right? Should I fight for what I truly and rightfully des

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The small mound of almonds in the middle of the room made me shiver, and forced me to look up at the sky. Dark clouds swirled in such large amounts that I felt that if not Cthulu, at least a pirate will be spit out of it.

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This is hard to explain but the way your hair waves upon your head reminds me so much of wine sloshing in a barrel. The sweetness of your face makes the hair above your head that much winier and I just cannot let what I know about you go. I didn’t mean to do it that day

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My face lay burned and charred with soot, and the barrel against my back pressed into my spine like on of the irons from the old days. How did I end up with this job? Was this my destiny? Moving barrels back and forth throughout the day like it was the only

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