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There was nothing right about what he was doing, he was well aware. He couldn’t help it though. Couldn’t help the urge to preach. He also knew the difference between that and teaching. He was not a teacher. He was a teller. It was all he wanted to do so it was all he intendended to try.

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The effect on the audience was profound. He never knew this was all it would take; a guitar, too much feedback and an angry yelp occasionally sent them into a frenzy. And the energy they exuded was intoxicating. He bathed it in and then gave it back ten-fold. They were insanely close from such a distance. It was as orgiastic as he could handle, but he revelled in the unexpected thrill it produced.

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I didn’t even realise I was having one. I thought I had caught a cold, truth be told. But once the shivers passed and the thoughts solidified and became big masses of colour in my mind, I totally got what was happening. First thing I did; called the girls. They needed to know. Absolutely needed. Second thing, drew up the sketches. Was mega happy with them too. Ideas like this don’t come every day; a dress made of crackers – I’ve done it again…!?

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So, when I think about it too much, I get kind of worried. Almost as if the same band wrapped around the second finger on my left hand is also tightening around my neck and drawing me closer and closer to somewhere I never wanted to be. She says its love, I say its a contractual obligation. I never won that argument.

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