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Conceal the tears with a smile so that no one has to feel guilty, responsible, afraid, worried. So they won’t have to put distance between you, that vast space you already feel growing like a hole in your heart.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 01.12.2012 @ 1:14 pm


I would follow you anywhere. To the ends of the Earth and beyond. To the gates of heaven or hell. To the life beyond, into the Universe. I would find you by the warmth of your heart and the light of your soul.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 11.30.2011 @ 1:25 pm


Laughter is truly an amazing force of power. It makes you smile and put forth a great energy of happiness. It fills you up to the brim and spills over the edges and infects everyone around you. It heals when nothing else can.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 11.21.2011 @ 1:52 pm


Rules. Rules are made to be broken, obeyed, ignored, respected. With rules we confine ourselves to safe little boxes without imagination and freedom. Without rules we risk everything. And for what? Living instead of merely surviving. Then I say break the fucking rules! I want to live!

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 11.20.2011 @ 7:58 pm


Too bad this isn’t popsicle. I could write about popsicles. But icicle. Sucking icicles. Being perverted and licking/sucking icicles would be something I would do just to make people go O_O There. Does it count if it’s multiple icicle? As in icicles? :D

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 11.12.2011 @ 3:22 pm


To see the autumn leaves with you would make me so happy. I would hold your hand and kiss your cheek and admire the way your cheeks turns like the leaves. The color would be warm like your skin. It would be warm like my heart. We would talk like when we were kids. Laugh like no other couple. Love as if today, in the autumn, was our last day together.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 11.07.2011 @ 6:20 pm


The downpour of emotions is weighing heavily on my mind. It stings and burns where they strike like stones, the cold bitter sweet feeling of painful hail. And all I can do is hold on tight and wait for it to dissipate into the slow drizzle of sad raindrops that will never truly wash away the agony of loss.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 11.04.2011 @ 2:44 pm


I love you can be a profound statement or an empty promise. Like roses. When given too often they seem to lose their meaning. But how can you not say ‘I love you’ every day to the person you have given your entire heart and soul to?

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 11.02.2011 @ 11:25 pm


Passionate hearts and souls are truly rare. To be passionate is to open yourself up to heartache. I am a passionate person. When I love I love with my whole heart and soul. I do not half-ass my passion for love. For the people in my life. For art. For writing.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 10.31.2011 @ 6:30 pm


I feel that if we sacrifice everything for someone else we leave nothing for ourselves. If that makes us a little selfish then so be it.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 10.29.2011 @ 4:37 pm


The shepherd and his sheep. At least he has his sheep. All alone on the hill in the dark as he looks up at the sky and thinks about how empty his life would be without his sheep. He sighs and cries and watches his sheep eat.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 10.26.2011 @ 10:05 am


My emotions are on automatic. I can’t turn them off or on. They react to life. To people. To situations. Long before my mind can even provide a thought.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 10.25.2011 @ 8:44 am


Awakening – to find an entire world turned upside down and drowning in the heartache.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 10.23.2011 @ 3:57 pm


Relate. As in understand, sympathize, don’t judge, accept me. As I am. Who I am.

» Posted By MoiyaHatake On 10.20.2011 @ 11:49 am

Relate. As in understand, sympathize, don’t judge, accept me. As I am. Who I am.

» Posted By Moiyahatake On 10.20.2011 @ 11:38 am

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