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She was old. Her dog was old. Her house was old. Everything about the woman was just, old. Whenever we talked all I could do was stare at her cheeks, the way the hung from her cheekbones like, like, well they hung the only way old cheeks can! It gave me the willies.

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I was falling. Down down down. It wasn’t like in dreams where your heart skips but you wake up on the other side of the world. In your bed. Alive. I was going down. The frigid air stung my cheeks, and my tears flew upward as I went down. I screamed and wondered if anyone could hear.

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He looks down on her. Pitiful. Grey. Dreary.
She’s sleeping on the grass, curled up in a little ball. He dark hair falling over her lips. Her pants cover her legs and her arms are tucked under her head. The only part of her he can see is her eyelids. Dark and burned in the rising sun.
He wonders about walking away. Pitiful. Grey. Dreary.

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There are two battles around me.
The one in my heart and the one in my country. The one in my country is easy. One man hates another, so we fight.
The war in my heart is dangerous. If the right people to not win there, I will die.
I ask myself who I want to win, and the scary part is, I do not know anymore.

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There comes a point in your life where there is no more thinking. Everything comes to a head and you just have to jump. Who knows. You might fall on your face, maybe if you are blessed you’ll end up on ht other side, but no matter what it will always be an adventure.

“I dare you,” She said. I closed my eyes and jumped.

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There was once a time when men wandered through the streets with their wives, musing through the various grocery stands as the children played at the park nearby. But now there is no musing. No child laughs at the park. The merry-go-round remains un-spun. The houses lie low and dormant, the children inside keeping quiet and still as they wait for their mothers to return home.
The mothers are gone for much of the day, working in the harsh factories, taking the place of the men. Some are at the hospital as nurses, aiding the men who are off at war. They sew and stitch and clean wounds and cut bandages. Always someone is needing bandages.

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The man who stands over my shoulder
He is dressed in black
I trust he knows the way
As I watch his back

He leads me through the dessert
The road of dusty death
I know my adviser well
A cloaked and hollow chest

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The thought continued to bump around in the back of my head. Like an annoying little brother to whom had been given one of those obnoxious foam fingers with #1 slapped on in cheap paint. I pushed it away, even shoved it down, but always it continued to surface.

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I wonder where the term kick the bucket comes from. It always makes me think of an old man kicking a red bucket into the air. By the time it hits the grass he is already dead.

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I wasn’t looking forward to our class trip to the Shady Pines. Firstly, who calls a campground Shady Pines. Sounds like a place to get jumped. Secondly, who wants to got to a mosquito infested, sand covered dump with only a hole in the ground for a toilet. No thanks. I think I’d rather stay home. To bad for involved parenting.
As soon as my mother read the newsletter it was “Wont that be fun?Are you ready to go?I think I’ll chaperone.” She goes the whole nine yards.

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She thought this was supposed to be a coffee house, not a slam jam session – full out screamo band included. Angrily she looked up at her date who was banging his head to the music.
“You lier,” she thought venomously.
He smiled and looked at her. “How else was I supposed to get you to date me?” The words rang clearly in her head.

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Carefully i set down my egg. Ha. Why did I decide to call it that just now? I don’t know. I guess you could call it an egg. I watch over it. I keep it safe. But it will never hatch, and I will never be it’s mother.
“Sara!” Carson calls.
Gently I brush leaves over its soft oval edges. “Yeah”

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I watched the stone wheels turn and grind. Small bits of flour flitted through the air. It smelled like horses and corn meal and sweet and farm life. It smelled like home. Easily I jumped out of the rafters and landed on the floor. Tarsh would be here soon, and I didn’t want it to look like I’d been doing nothing all day. He could be a real annoyance sometimes, but if dad found out how I ran this mill I’d be out of a job for sure.

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She always wondered what it would be like to step on a lump of jelly. Like mud maybe?
There was never any opportunity to answer the question. I mean, who buys a can of jelly and pours it into a large bowl just so they can step in it.
Then she met a friend in college who dumped and entire canister of peanut butter in between to slices of bread to find out how thick the sandwich would be. He bought her a jar of jelly and asked her on a date.

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Carefully he dumped the last of the water out of the can and onto the flowers. It had been hot and dry, he swore the flowers visibly straightened. Someone rode by on their bicycle. His first instinct was to duck, then he remembered it was ok. Gardening was allowed here. Water was allowed here. He breathed in a sigh of relief, it smelled like flowers and water and sun. But mostly it smelled like hope.

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“I don’t care who writes the story, just put a lid on it.” Press Secretary Candy stormed out of the room.
We sat there, dumbfounded. Write it? Write a story? None of us were writers. We were the rats. The one’s the reporters send on errands to pick up the pieces and figure out how to get to the next story. And now she wanted us to stop the upcoming tirade of questions regarding the president’s recent behavior. Sabotage, i think so.

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He placed the thing gently on his head. It was blue and worn and greasy, just how he liked it. The other boys began to wine.
“No, you can’t have it. It’s mine.” He commanded, and that was the end of it. This was his alley. His streets. His town. He truly was king of the forgotten.

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You’ve got the bear necessities, may mother nature rest . . .
“Would you turn that stupid show off.”
“Nooooo.” *stomp stomp stomp* “Katieeee. Don’t.” -click- “I hate you.”
“Love you buttface.” *rustle*
“I don’t hate you anymore.”

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“Do you have anything to say about that.”
“No. Gosh no.” The waved them away with his hand then went back to rubbing his nose with it. He was obviously a business man; tall and successful, starched suite and all.

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Everyone walks across the wooded trail.
Everyone weathers the howling gale.
Everyone makes one final step.
Am I the only one who fears turning left?

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I thought the green cloak and pointy hat had been very misleading. When the man with the beard had first came to me I thought this was going to be Bilbo Baggins and the Hobbit or something. Well he’s not Gandalf, and I ain’t no dwarf.

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She hunkered into the warm log cabin. In front of her the fire crackled, and the warm wool blanket setteld comfortable around her shoulders. Outside the cold raged. Outside where everyone had gone.

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We fumbled behind the curtain, trying not to disturb the actors who were diligently working on stage.

“Get off my foot you lug,” I whispered at Jamie.

“Shut up fart face, someone’s gonna here you.”

Suddenly Sulley’s voice boomed from the other side of the curtain, “The stage mikes are on guys.”

I about peed my pants.

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I licked my lips and smiled. Jonah had always said grapes were delicious, it was only just now that I had gotten to test his theory, and I would have to say, they certainly are delicious.

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There is a man who lives in the Cupboard.
He is warm and friendly, but quite lonesome.
There is a women who lives in the Fridge.
She is loud and funny, but quite cold.

I put them in each others homes,
but that did each no good.
The woman took the mans old tune,
and of course he borrowed her mode.

I’ve tried and tried to hook them up,
but neither is quite keen.
Why one is cold and the other warm
Still remains unseen.

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They’ve asked her five times already, and she’s starting to feel nervous. Is there something wrong? Did she forget to say something? No, no everything was there: the time, the place, witnesses. She taps the table nervously. Tom said he’d be sending a lawyer.

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“I wonder how many times they will make me drink this.”
She takes another sip and shivers, it tastes like blood and feels like liquid metal as it runs down her throat. Nobody ever said the cure would be easy.

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She thought about the most annoying thing she could possible think of to try to make herself forget. It was the sound of balloons rubbing together. The boy standing next to her coughed loudly. She continued to think about the balloons and tried to ignore him. He coughed again.

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It was black and green and purple. Probably the dumbest thing she’d ever seen, yet here she was, preparing to delve into the underworld of indie rock. Her hair was done up and her jeans torn just the way she didn’t like.

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The door came screeching towards the jam, then suddenly halted and edged shut silently and smoothly. It had one of those special mechanisms on it. I hated those special mechanisms. Defy physics that’s what they do. Well I like physics just the way it is.

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