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I couldn’t believe it. He was my friend for years, he was there from the beginning, I even thought everything was my idea. It was just a clever trap though. Now I’m stuck in this windowless room, the air quickly running out, and I have to wonder if he was ever really my friend. If there was any sincerity in his laugh. Or was it just a set up from the get go.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 06.13.2016 @ 1:59 pm


My sheets are hot and wrinkled under the drizzles of sweat sliding off my sides. I sit up with a start and feel that the fever has abated. The shakes have left my hands, and my vision has returned to normal. I breath in deep and almost cry. I lived to see another day. Behind me, rays of sunshine peak over the horizon on what I thought was my last day.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 06.08.2016 @ 12:59 pm


The rocks crumbled like sand beneath my scrambling feet. Nothing but rushing air filled the space around my ears. My arms shot out, looking for something, anything to grab onto. My fingers wrapped around a tree branch and I felt my arm nearly ripped from it’s socket. My body fell like a sand bag against the craggy mountain, but I was alive.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 06.06.2016 @ 1:59 pm


The endless fields stretched out before my bare feet. The clouds above me swirled into vast shapes and patterns. Crescents of moons and balls of the sun rose and fell over the horizon while I watched as my creation flourished, died, flourished, and died before me. Soon everything withered and I stood there in the rain. Me and one magnolia.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 06.02.2016 @ 1:38 pm


The tide swelled up on the shore as the winds howled over head. I clutched the plush brown bear to my chest as nothing but the roar of the world enveloped me. White crests of water began to swell up to my ankles, and then my thighs. A pair of strong arms wrapped around me and whipped me into the air. An angel was waiting above me. An angel in aviators, dangling from a 4 bladed demon above. They carried me towards the sky.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 02.19.2016 @ 1:36 pm


There is no measure of a man more sure then his own yard stick. You can not prove yourself a titan of industry, or a stealer of hearts until that truth is locked within your own. How can you expect others to follow in your wake when you barely make a ripple in your own mind. Believe in yourself, and others will too. Confidence is key.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 01.13.2016 @ 3:51 pm


My face grew red and palms sweaty. Years of indignation and heartache welled up around me. The woman I loved just couldn’t understand what she was accusing me of. What she was insinuating. Yea she caught us on the counter. And perhaps yes, possibly on camera. But through her guttural howls and belly screams she wouldn’t listen to my repeated chorus of, It wasn’t me.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 12.22.2015 @ 10:07 am


Sweat permeated through my checkered button up. The warm lights danced across my face, and the crowd was nothing but a silhouette of blank faces. I knew my family was somewhere out there.

“The word is onomatopoeia.”


I went over this one. The fear of failure washed over me like an inferno, my blood boiling.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 06.22.2014 @ 6:32 pm


I sat in the chair, straithening my tie, my fourth cup of coffee lying empty in front of me. The teleprompter was warming up with a dull hum, and I became vaguely aware of the mass of dog hair stuck to my jacket. My hair caleck was making a more aggressive bid for freedom then usual. It was 2 A.M. and I was completely unprepared for my first broadcast.

Then she walked in.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 12.09.2012 @ 2:29 am


I flipped the omelette, the sizzle filling the room. I couldn’t wait until she woke up. Fresh bacon, delicate ham over a bed of sauteed’ spinach, with a side of homemade hollindaise sauce. It was a little slice of heaven I had been up for the last hour creating.

“Did you really think this would make up for what you did?” I heard her call from the doorway.

I had hoped so.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 12.02.2012 @ 6:13 am


The mirror stared back at him, it’s slightly fogged surface obscuring his already disfigured reflection. What did the world see when they looked at him. A hero? A father? A Savior?

He was none of those things he thought as he set the bloodied instrument down on the foyer table, surveying the mess around him. He searched inside himself to find what he was. He discovered the right word.

He was free.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 12.01.2012 @ 6:41 am


I was passing through the hallways, curious as to the new refurbishings. Until I heard a creaking from down the hall. I was supposed to be the only one here today. No one was to disturb my work. Probably just the house settling down. That’s what I thought until I saw a silhouette hanging from the outline of a noose. What a day to be shorthanded.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 05.08.2012 @ 5:49 pm


Drifting through the sky, red and yellow medallions against earth’s blue canvas. They see sights we may only see from a hollowed out metal husk, or perhaps, falling to our doom. Balloons are free beyond the constraints of gravity, beyond expectation.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 04.27.2012 @ 11:20 am


I looked up at the spinning fan, feeling the cool air blowing down on me. At first it was refreshing. Crisp and cool, in this hot barren room. Now it was torture. Slowly, but surely my lips were becoming chapped. Fissures jumping up and down the once juicy cleft of my lip. Once an oasis, now a barren desert.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 04.25.2012 @ 8:44 am


The lake shook and quivered in the pale moonlight. I waded through the thickets and weeds, trying to elude my predator, but it was closing in fast. The body of a man, the anger and head of a swan. It was my worst nightmare. I could hear the click clack of it’s beak, testing the air for any morsel that dare get too close. I was no such morsel.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 04.20.2012 @ 11:22 am


The cage shook and rattled. My repeated thrusts and angry grasps having little to no effect. The smirk on the guards face was illuminated by the dim glow of his torch. He strutted by with an unmistakable arrogance. He was out there, I was in here. The math wasn’t too hard. However if all went according to plan, I would be out there by this time tomorrow.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 04.13.2012 @ 5:23 pm


The air blew through my hair and I felt laughs leaving my mouth like missles. Shooting through the air, drawing the attention of all the other children. I could see the envy on their faces, the longing. If only they could be this high they thought. If only their father was this awesome. My swing came to a halt as a tear came to my eye and I realized my father was gone.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 03.06.2012 @ 10:25 pm


I mosied through the dark corridor, the yellow light bouncing off the walls. The wallpaper was pealing, and the dust rose from the carpet with each hesitant step. I let loose my breath, I had already been holding it for over a minute. I heard a groan emanate from the basement, then my lantern extinguished itself.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 03.01.2012 @ 5:03 pm


I hit the ground running, fiery tongues licking at my back. The blast was enormous, throwing lesser people around like rag dolls. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, but hopefully I would never see again. A woman during this time of the month, was a scary, explosive experience.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 02.24.2012 @ 1:51 pm


I ran into the forest. The light barely penetrated through the thickets of branches providing shelter above. I could feel the rage behind me, the storm of emotions tearing past the brush. I needed somewhere to hide. I needed shelter. I saw a cabin in the distance. The light was on inside and I could see a frail silhouette dancing beyond the window. He came into the clearing behind me. Time was up.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 02.18.2012 @ 10:04 pm


I ran, and I ran. The stitch in my side grew more painful with every step. Out of bed, in the shower, to the desk, back to bed. Over and over again, my life one step after another on this rat wheel of life. I had to break the chain, I had to get out of here. But to what I asked myself, as I pressed my hand against my cubicle wall. Get to what?

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 02.18.2012 @ 9:35 am


I moseyed through the halls. Nary a care in the world. Four murders in two days. We had a serial killer on our hands The one thing I was lacking however, was a clue. No body, no blood, just the decomposing brain of his latest victim set a glow in the light of day of some family locale. A Violent display for the masses.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 02.14.2012 @ 6:06 pm


I walked through the lonely halls. Strangers staring at me from every doorway. Bold, colorless eyes, questioning me, asking me who I am, where I’m from. I don’t know. From a far away planet I suppose. A place where parents don’t exist, where children are left abandoned and alone in a shallow dumpster. The filth of the world purveying every crevice. I’ve finally been adopted, but after seeing the future that lies ahead of me, I think I prefer the filth.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 02.09.2012 @ 5:22 pm


I looked over the dusty planes, my horse, chargin, galloping towards the sunset. His tongue hung out in near exhaustion. The wagon was heavier then I thought it would be. Perhaps Chargin was getting up in years, but I thought he could handle it.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 02.01.2012 @ 3:15 pm


I tripped the wires, and flipped a switch. The wires buzzed to life, electricity coursing through the conductors around me. I felt alive, my hair stood up with the excitement of it all. A body lumbered to life, brought to fruition by the power of my mind. It’s function was still unknown, but it’s purpose. It’s purpose was crystal clear. To change the world.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 01.31.2012 @ 5:01 am


I sat down on the hard wooden surface, graffitied with white splotches of bird feces. The disrepair of the park was obvious. That was no matter however, my target was approaching. I tensed my hands in anticipation, feeling the wire grow taught between my fists. This would be quick, and this would be ugly.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 01.15.2012 @ 10:08 am


The coffee was rich and tasty, my tongue erupting in joy. The food was crafted by a virtual virtuoso. The atmosphere sublime, the music wonderfully fitting, and the waiter, a charm. The date however, was as bland and dull as could be. Filling the room with her tiresome stories, someone please remove me from this dream.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 01.10.2012 @ 4:45 pm


I crawled through the barren chamber, the mistress of the house unaware of my prescence. Oh how sweet her jewels would look on my wife. Ever since the council banished us to the outskirts of town I’ve been driven to sneaking through lord and lady’s manors. Pilfering whatever penny I could find. The life of a thief.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 12.09.2011 @ 12:57 am


I bowed to one knee listening to the crinkle of hair as the tyrannical king adjusted his crown. His leer crossing over the whole room, analyzing each face, each expression. Inspecting to see if their was the slightest drop of mutiny in their blood. There wasn’t. The room was filled with loyalty. They would all obey him, till the end of time. To the end of their lives if it came down to it.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 12.03.2011 @ 2:47 pm


I could travel the world, see the sights, lavish green meadows. Cold, grey, stony castles spread before me, a vast array of colors sounds and smells are at my whim and call. Tis not what matters however. Happiness is not where you are in the world. But where you are in your mind. In your mind you can be anywhere. Explore.

» Posted By Mike Thompson On 11.30.2011 @ 9:37 pm

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