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She walked into the room, adjusting her shaw as she tried to handle the unwieldy stack of papers and books clutched in her shaking arms. She dropped it all on her desk with a loud thud, causing the students to speak in the clamourous mutterings and turn all eyes toward her. She removed her shaw, draping it over her chair, then adjusted her glasses as she surveyed the room. Her gray hair was piled high, like an ancient beehive carved from stone, Her eyes were cold and flinty, peering through slim spectacles like a bird looking for a fish. With a loud harrumph, she turned, picked up a piece of a chalk, and began to write on the chalkboard.

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I am this way because everything else seems dull by comparison. Were I a different X in a different Y, I’m sure it wouldn’t be so simple. But nothing is ever simple, and I’m fine with that. I have it all laid out in front of me here, I draw a line between two extremes. I walk across it, back and forth.

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Guide me to the guidance of this word. What type of guidance is there that would guide one to the Gui Dance, invited by the grand gesture of Gil.

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a ramp is a piece of pavement that is inclined and you walk on it to get to or go down to another level. It could be used by people with disabilities to be able to access building.

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starwars heroes that fight against an empire of supposed evil, but true order. they take over and everything falls into chaos. they have no plan and no time to make one. the universe burns, but we are told that it is good.

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She was prosecuted for stealing a candy cola bottle.
As they led the toddler into the cell she continued to smile and play with her fingers.

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Diabolical liquid. Expensive. Acid reflux. Hangover.

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The glass was thick with a sheen of dew, rare even for the dry desert mornings she was still becoming accustomed to. The figure moved out of view, staying long enough for Sarah to question whether moving out west was a wise move.

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Custodian of a slow growing heritage of museums. “Authenticity is invaluable, originality is nonexistent.” The flowers of other compost. The compost of other flowers. Someone else’s yesterday’s best thoughts.

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something about being on the edge – of reason, society, the edge of this rectangular speech bubble, all or none of the above. hard to say, or know what is being said, from way out here. Not that i’m paranoid in the slightest. No sir. Or ma’am.

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Shaken, he awoke. The shattered window leaving chilling breeze through the salt adn ppere colored head of the young stranger. A loud thump signalled the screech of the wheels adn he suddenly was thrown to the front of the Ford Econoline Van.

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Respire, unfold, repeat. Keep breathing and pay attention.
Notice dark, notice light, celebrate the interface.

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The formula is the stuff a baby drinks.

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how you gonna bake your cake? flour
how you gonna make your bread? flour
how you going to give someone with gluten intolerance diarrhea? flour

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i guess

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I drag my friend to a partie. He was very unhappy because he wanted to go to bed. I told him the he would enjoy himself because of all the woman. He left and he never talked to me again.

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There’s a vast misunderstanding what creates the substance of a man. When You look at the word itself, it consists of two parts. Sub and stance. To stand beneath something. Think about it. What stands beneath You, what is Your substance?

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This sample came from a record out of my late Grandmother’s collection. Flipping the 3 bar intro on this song paid rent, child support and kicked off the career of my dreams. Until recently, I thought it was hard work, relentlessness and being too dumb to take NO for an answer that helped me sell this beat. Recently I’ve come to realize that the only person on earth that gave me unconditional love was still with me; guiding, loving and pushing me- many years after she passed. RIPMaManFiFie

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This modern technology can get even the most techy person fits. I mean, in the cockpit it can trip you up and then its time to step back and do it the old a

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the walls were coated in a plastic kind of laminate. The sign read Insurance. Oh, the premium. The irony.

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i walked up to my agenda and it said it was valentines day. i was so stessed because i did not get anything for my class. i am going to bge the only person without a valentinetines day gift, i said to my self. uggg

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ou were walking into a cave so you could go to sleep but suddenly a gigantic black comes out of nowhere and grabs you and takes you to the back of the cave. you don’t get found untill 20 years later and scientits find your skeleton!

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with my hoves up high and my hoves down low (dancing the tango) this is how i buffalo. BUFFALO … BUFF …. Alo hey mike… yea…can you buff … buff? … ALO haha

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you are up on the catwalk at the play and you sudenlly fall of because you were not paying attention so when you land you land on the stage and soon everybody starts laughing at you and then you relize you are not hurt because it was a prank from thre cast

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i went to the poor man on the street side and offered him some money. he said no but i made him take it, then the next day i ewent to give him a blanket and a battery powered seat warmer. for the rest of the winter i gave him batterys

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my brother spiked his hair for school picture day when he got to school so mom would not know. when she got the picture she grounded him so he got in a lot of trouble but i just sat there and laughed because it was so funny to watch him get his phone taken away and his tv unpluged and taken out of his room and guess what…i got his gigantic stand up flatscreen tv. hahaha

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you were cursed by your evil step mom. “oh no,” yelled your mon,” were out of penut butter curse you evil step mom!!”

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After all of his children moved away, Ray rented the old cabin every summer to whomever was interested. Usually it was elderly people looking to get away or young kids looking for privacy.

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The great beyond. Magnificent in the adventure and the potential. Choose to go beyond, to grab more, to live.

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Fort Wayne Indiana. The place I currently call home. Like a fortress for the next 2 and a half years of my life in pharmacy school. Strange thing is I only stay home and I know nothing about it. I think I really need to take the time to explore.

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